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If I want to make my character workflow composed of doing X step on a diferent software simply for the main reason is easier/more efficient/better than rely on a single software for everything...

What softwares should I use and how my workflow would be.

And yes, I wanna use a single software only for one thing they do the best.
Maya: animation/modeling.
3ds Max: modeling.
Cinema 4D: motion graphics.
Houdini: VFX.
Fusion: compositing.
Nuke: compositing.
DaVinci Resolve: editing/grading.
Substance Painter: surfacing.
Mari: surfacing.
Blender: all of the above, with technology between five and twenty years old.
Assuming you're doing a pretty generic character workflow:

Zbrush, 3D-Coat.

Maya, Max, Blender.

Substance Painter, Mari, Quixel.

>rigging & animation
Maya. Don't bother with anything else for this.

Marvelous Designer for clothing.
UE4 / Unity / Marmoset if you're doing real-time characters. Redshift, Octane, Arnold, Renderman, Cycles etc. are all great offline renderers if otherwise.
Cinema 4D is another alternative to the major DCCs mentioned above (Maya, Max, Blender) though it doesn't notably excel in any of those fields. Modo is similar.
Blender is capable of everything mentioned above, but its only strong point is modelling. Everything else falls short.
Houdini is great as an all-in-one solution, however everything above still edges it out in the respective fields (except for simulation which it absolutely crushes in).
Blender texture painting is from 1995, desu
Houdini is straight up bad at a lot of things. Non-procedural polymodeling and rigging the two worst offenders, though you did mention Maya beats everything. It's slower and clunkier than Max or Maya for large scene composition.

I love Houdini, but it is not a contender for main DCC software unless your primary work is FX or mograph and you pull most of your assets in from other apps.
File: zbrush first.jpg (96 KB, 535x791)
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Zbrush: sculpt, paint texture and autoretopo the model.
3dsMax: Poly adjust, rig, animate and render
After Effects:compose and sync with the audio.
If you know 3ds max and Zbrush well enough, you can simply discard any other software.

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