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Hi /3/
I'm a graphic designer and i would like to create 3D abstract objects like the picture assuming the skull is an external ressource.

1° Do you have any recommandations on the best UI friendly and shading
/ lighting / modeling out there ?

2° Is there one that you would personally recommend if by any chance i want to dig in 3D deeper and do more complex stuff ?

Sorry if broken english lads.
Modo is easiest to use by a mile, all improvements of last 5+years are directly stolen from it
Blender is free
And maya and max are the industry standard, most features and third party renders and plugins for it

If you get used to blender awful ui its pretty powerful, its no maya but for an amterir its more than advanced enough
File: BLENDIE.jpg (676 KB, 1264x1580)
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/gd/ community is pretty centred around cinema 4d, so if you want easy spoon-feedy type tutorials for this sort of thing, it's probably the route for you. that said, you can do this sort of thing any of the major packages.

just bear in mind that those c4d tutorials are usually very specific and you will walk away with limited or no understanding of fundamentals.

c4d however, is fairly mature for this sort of thing and if you're not a shitter, it's fairly capable. i personally dislike it for the most part.

if you think you've got big-brains (you don't, and you should start with something else) and don't mind smacking your head against a wall for a few months, houdini is where it's at.
Thanks, will take a look at modo, is blender ui that bad ?

/gd/ is either a joke or really bad I really don't know, it's mostly why i came here to post.
I will try to begin with blender/modo to get the grip on the fundamentals then maybe switch to c4d later.
>/gd/ is either a joke or really bad I really don't know, it's mostly why i came here to post.
Don't expect any better here. Even this thread is destined for shit as soon as anyone mentions "industry standard"
I'm a graphic designer too, I use Blender in my work, just because I had a passing interest as a kid and ended up learning it. I don't have any dreams of working in the 3d industry or anything, so it gets what I need done and works well enough for clients.
That being said, most graphic designers use C4D, just because it's one of those things that they pick up and think it's the best without really branching out and seeing what's out there (I guess I've done the same too). It's probably super easy to use and has a good amount of designers sharing info and stuff. It's probably your best bet to be honest. Birds of a feather and all that.
You're not kidding about /gd/ being a joke though. I used to hang around there but switched to here a few years back. You've got a lot less software wars, but most of the stuff posted there are pretty bad. There's a few dudes there that I found to be really good though.
i wasn't referring to /gd/ the board specifically, i was using it as graphic designers in the broader sense. this happened mostly because of c4d's mograph focus and relatively low cost. again, however there are people doing good with other packages (mainframe north for maya, man vs machine for houdini etc.)

just keep in mind that if you're serious about this and planning to pirate modo, that the company that makes it, the foundry, has an absolute insane policy towards pirates.
I dont mine putting cash on the table so a 60$ Per month is something i can afford, will try the Free month to see if il feels comfy else It will be blender
alright, friendo.
good luck and enjoy, there's a long road ahead.

i'll echo what this anon >>663256 said and add:

>think it's the best without really branching out and seeing what's out there (I guess I've done the same too)

this happens imo because most of the big packages are pretty mature now, so just pick one and stick to it instead of bouncing around for weeks relearning interface basics.

ps. as you get more serious you'll realise you will probably need to learn some additional programs like substance painter/mari/quixel, zbrush, marvellous designer etc.
it just comes with the territory - try not to get overwhelmed.
I think C4D is the one you're looking for. You can have a peek at the tutorials on https://greyscalegorilla.com/tutorials/#all and get a feeling for the workflow with C4D.

As others have mentioned, Houdini is also a fine option (arguably the best in terms of capability), but it's much more technical. See here for some examples: http://www.entagma.com/category/tutorials/
File: hmmmm.png (138 KB, 372x300)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
greyscalegorilla is one of those 3D artists that i already follow ahaha.
But is there specific reason most of those G.Designers / 3D Artists seems to go for C4D instead of something else or is it just "because" ?

Blender / Modo / c4d so far then, i may feed myself with some videos on them and see the workflow for each.

As >>663242 said c4d seems like it's not that good of a starter, any other feedbacks or opinions ? i don't really mind learning a lot or facing difficulties but I don't think i've faced a software as complex as 3D soft before so I may be delusional on how hard it actually is.

btw, thanks for your serious answers anons
C4D for sure.
Especially if you find cg software daunting, the whole objective of C4d is to make it as natural as possible to get your projects going while offering the power of other programs under the hood when you need it.
>c4d seems like it's not that good of a starter
i only meant it when referring to the spoon-feedy tutorials and this kitbash-dailies obsessed community around it.

the program itself is sound and there are great resources teaching fundamentals (elementza's sub-division modelling tutorials on youtube for eg) but there is also a minefield of 'hey look at this cool trick that gets you a cool result really quick' type stuff that is an easy trap to fall into.

and just personally, i'm not a big fan of the ui/ux, but that's probably because i'm coming from maya and houdini. if you start in c4d and stick with you'll probably enjoy it - tens of thousands of people do.
Looks like C4D stuff to me. I have crossed to 3d from graphic design as well and I got comfortable with it at this point. It has the flexibility and a good productivity:bullshit ratio, plus it has a generous selection of plugins and render engines. It runs perfectly in mac as well, which being a graphic designer might be a factor in your work environment at some point.
It also features something resembling an integration with adobe AE, but it is trash. Most of the mograph/gd community uses c4d, and this gives you a plethora of resources and tuts of diverse quality.
Blender seems interesting, but I did not try it, so I have no valid opinion on that. I did try max and it feels bloated, incredibly slow and just not fit for the quick fancy stuff I do in c4d, which looks a lot like your picrelated. I'd probably have to use it if I was doing archviz, but thankfully it is not my case.

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