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Best software for freelance work?

YES! Finally someone who knows how to
>use the catalog
>find the /questions/ thread
>doesn't start software war threads
>read the sticky
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all of those programs specialize on specific areas of the pipeline
cad,max,houdini for modelling and rendering
maya,blender for rigging,texturing,sculpting, animating
rocket3f for modeling. student modo for everything else
Why does Rocket 3F look fishy as fuck?
looks like sketchup and rhino had a baby
do not use this program, its so bare bones and non intuitive that its not even worth picking up.
MS Paint
Paint 3d

Alternatively microsoft excel.
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What type of freelancing do you want to get into? I did a video game trailer and small ad animation in Blender and it turned out okay, but I recommend something more professional. Blender can do a lot but using what "the industry" uses is helpful. Better yet, get familiar with multiple softwares and figure out what works best for different projects.

Also, I semi recommend Upwork. You can get jobs fast with little skill, but the pay is kinda shitty. On the other hand, I've gotten only one invite on Fiverr and haven't tried any other sites.
Stay tf away from Upwork, not only the paying is extremely shitty( on most occasions 1/10 of normal pay) but Upwork jews you out of 20% of what the client pays you, shadow bans you if you don't get enough clients and can downright ban you just for making bids. I stay away from that site like the plague
Not familiar with Upwork, but plenty of other websites, i.e. 3d marketplaces, etc. take a substantial cut just for being the middleman. As for payment, can't you dictate your own prices or are you somehow pushed to work for peanuts? Also, what similar sites would you recommend using instead for finding work?
i actually did some research on this for myself although i yet have to make a choice
I think being a blendlet is viable but requires quite some experience and possibly paid plug-ins but talking about actually professional softwares

maya lt is valid for modelling and shading for games, also has human IK, shame you don't get arnold, 30 bucks a month

mudbox and substance painter are great choices for painting, choose substance if you prefer a more PBR oriented and more procedural workflow, or choose mudbox if you like a more... artisan approach? wouldn't know how to put it but you just have to put more effort in the textures yourself, also unlike mudbox it supports UDIM, so it's better for higher quality production
You can also use it to sculpt, but unless you're a godly high functioning autist like ian spriggs it's barely used for that AFAIK, where i learned to use it they only had it for painting
mudbox is 10/month, substance painter 20/month although i wonder if it's gonna be changed in the future now that adobe's decided to stick its dick in the 3d industry

so yeah it's 50 bucks a month at worst for getting into professional softwares that let you model and texture an asset, however you gotta count for possible texture sites and additional plug-ins if you want to specialize further

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