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If you had to model a face from a single, distorted photo, how would you go about doing it?
I'd probably try to draw topology on top of the photo, then do my best to translate it to 3d.
Or you could do some weird shit like trying to paint height data from the photo then using it as a displacement map.
OR, you could always sculpt it if you've got the skill and experience.
Start with general masses. Certain parts of the head line up, like eyes, nostrils and ears. Also, some parts of the face are relative to each other. For example, if you know the position of the eyes and chin, you can take a decent guess at the position of the ears and the top of the head etc. even if you can't see them clearly.
Once you have your basic forms mapped out, you can start to add details and topology, working your way up until you have a passing resemblance.
post processing
I'd find better references of a similar face on someone else and once I had modeled that I would push all the features til they matched the face I saw in the photograph.

What I like to do with faces in general is once I have a valid base I change some feature and then morph between that and my base til I find the sweet spot.
Often times despite my best effort I find a mix of anything between 30 to 90% of my edit tend to be a better overall match than the full thing.
It's one of the most powerful aspect of working digitally imo, that you can push something too far and then effortlessly scale it back.
Like you are rapidly testing a hundred versions of what you just did, til you spot an overall improvement more subtle than anything you could have gone for with intent.
there are several tools online that generate basic models from a photo of a face. Find a tool that lets you download the textured model and then refine it

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