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>be 22yo m
>will be done with university next year
>already spent 6 years of my life making music
>also been doing illustration since forever, less serious than music tho
>music is paying off, but real slowly
>earlier last year got into 3d and game dev
>love those too but not enough time to develop all passions
>currently trying to fit all of them in a game, but seems like too big of a project
is it reallistic to pursue all of these passions or should I just stick to music the way it was and dip in the others from time to time, not really looking to profit off those?
Not that I just worry about the money, but I worry about pursuing a passion that I can live off in the future
currently game dev seems like the more realistic as there's a bigger demand for work in the industry over just music or illustrations3d
It's fine to have hobbies unrelated to your music but being realistic it's unlikely you can solo make a game with no experience, specialist is the way to go. In a small indie team you may be able to practice and learn 3d from someone who has been doing it for years.
It'll all eventually fall into place. You'll find that while you have many interests (because they're definitely not passions), one of them will end up taking most of your time and feel the most rewarding. No one said you can't have multiple hobbies, when you get burnt out on one, you've got something to fall back on to keep you busy until you want to do more of the other. Sounds more like music is your passion if you put most of your effort into growing that aspect. The others are just passing interests and hobbies. To be fair though, you probably won't make it with music (because few ever do), Illustration is a very competitive field, and unless you've got some formal training or innate talent or drive to compete with people that have been taking it seriously for years you probably won't make a dent in anything (unless you blindly copy trends and don't try to innovate). 3d and game dev is a similar problem, since you've don't got the experience to pursue it in any meaningful capacity. Leave illustration and 3d as a hobby, try to build up your music, but focus on whatever you majored in. If you feel like you've grown enough with the other stuff, try to branch out with it, but don't keep it as your main focus unless somehow you hit it off and get really popular with it.

By the way, that was only 3 passions.
*since you don't have
What we need is some kind of curriculum, syllabus, steps to follow and we could have a good start

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