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how to fuck do i texture my models, i literally don't get the workflow or concepts, but modelling comes pretty easy to me. can someone please just explain it as if i was a retard
I don't think I can explain texturing to a retard.

You should first understand the concept of UVs
What are UVs
Why do you need UVs

Then learn to unwrap

Then you can finally start texturing
ok i'm a little less retarded than i thought, UV unwrapping makes sense to me, i just can't get any textures to look good aside from solid colours and gradients
File: Screenshot (24).png (405 KB, 1920x1080)
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here's what i mean
Download the Substance Painter free trial and watch a tutorial
File: 71mjbGpw52L._SY500_.jpg (22 KB, 500x500)
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this looks promising, i'll post results
this is what i want my final piece to look like
oh Ok

So now you must learn the different maps and what they do

for real time nowadays you should learn
Albedo, Metalness, Roughness
that would be my preferred method of texturing, since substance painter just nuked my computer, and it's been non responsive for 3 minutes now
(cont.) Occlusion, Normal -

the rest is optional or situational
Substance is based on the maps I mentioned (albedo metalness roughness occlusion normal), it just makes the workflow easier
would the best workflow for this be through Photoshop? or directly painting in blender?
You can experiment what the maps do by painting them in Photoshop and rendering them in marmoset or any other real time viewer, but once you have the basics down you should really start with a real texturing software if you wanna go realistic, the bare minimum I'd say is Quixel

Blender for texturing is not very good for realism afaik
In order to get this result you'll need not only good textures but a good "studio lighting" setup as well, keep that in mind.
thanks anon, now i know what to look up for further info.
Hell if you're a "student" they'll give you a license for free for a year.
I've been out of school for like 3 years and I've been surfing off the "student" license the whole time.
I wasn't even in school for 3d.

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