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Which is better? Maya and houdini are out automatically because of their awful paycentric model
3D designar of world UNITE
Unless you do VR sculpting on the brand new Da Vinci's VR studio, you're a pleb.
I'm so sick of fucking software threads.
At least /p/ got their gear faggotry under control by mercilessly attacking gear thread faggots.
Get used to them.

You seriously can't compare the shitflinging /3/ has about software to anything else. Simply because you're pitting a *free* program up against programs that comfortably cost thousands (or at the least have *some* cost associated with them).
It isn't even close to a console wars kinda thing where in those situations both parties have similar costs associated with them. I don't go to /p/ so forgive me if my assumptions are wrong, but it's just arguing over lenses and bodies and all that too, right? Same thing, all of those cost some amount of money, so at least there's rationale that can be arrived at some point there.

There's just such a cost and accessibility disparity between Blender and all the other software out there that the day people stop arguing about them will come long after you and I have died, if ever.
If you thought camera guys were pretentious cunts you have never met a real computer guy.
We're basically two tiers higher on the faggot scale.
The only way I ever see this shitstorm quelling down would be if somehow another equally endowed free-of-charge program on the level of at least Blender hits the market.
See the whole 2D program nonsense. Both sides of "free and open source" and "proprietary and commercial" both have strong competitors, shit like SAI and GIMP and Krita up against shit like Photoshop, Manga Studio/Clip Studio Paint, etc. While yes, people still do shit their panties over the different software, it's not as pronounced because there are simply more alternatives to compare and contrast with.
But something like a DCC is so complex and so difficult to make different DCC alternatives rarely ever pop up if not aren't at the same level of freedom as Blender is.
2.79 is much better, for me at least.
I, too, once faced the same dilemma, OP. Now, I'm writing from the realm beyond.

Turn away while you still can.
No. It'll just be blender and other free software are shit compared to superior maya and zbrush. Even if they were matched 100% in everything there would still be shitflinging. Like in levels of polys it can handle, render engines, customer support etc now it would be nonsense about industry use and shitposting about donuts.
People still go in about gimp not being able to draw circles conventionally or krita being furshit. Not him btw just saying that software threads are a major part of /3/ and keep us from being too absolutely dead.
>rock solid
>lots of nifty addons that actually enhance it
>instant gratification dopamine rushes because eevee eyecandy fucking everywhere in it
>tons of fun just dicking around with visual effects
>under some circumstances faster high density mesh editing
but that's basically it.
I still wait for 2.80 to mature because
>even while already quite stable it's still a lot more buggy than 2.79
>pretty much lacks optimizations and therefore
>a ton slower in many ways, especially sculpting performance
>lots of good addons are still not ported over

I'd wait at least till april or may
>600 years ago, Leonardo da Vinci revolutionized communication with his brilliant notebooks. They were filled with fascinating machines, like the world’s first helicopter. But it took us hundreds of years to realize his vision because understanding these complex ideas through a flat, 2-dimensional medium is difficult, even for our best scientists. Fast forward 600 years – our world is getting more complicated, but we’re still communicating like da Vinci did.

nobody can be this pompous. da vinci's work was more than understood.
it doesn't matter because you're a giant faggot who can't make anything. go a head and try to prove me wrong i dare you.
Those millennials don't even know that it's Leonardo, not "da Vinci".

They are promoting bullshit, but if that's what gets stupid investors' money, I say go for it.

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