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File: 3_autumn18 squad.png (3.41 MB, 2000x1688)
3.41 MB
3.41 MB PNG
Yo /3/ the time for divegrass came earlier than usual since for the first time im 6.5 years, the team is to play at the top level of competition of the 4chan football cup.

>What is it
A virtual football tournament played in PES17 AI vs AI, pitching 4chan boards against each other, players represent the board’s memes. The tournament has wo tiers, the lower level Babby plays in Spring and Autumn while the top-level Elite play in Winter and Summer the lower level Babby plays in Spring and Autumn, this is the latter one that we’re talking about and yes it's been since 2012 that /3/ hasn't been there. The group stages will take place on Feb 15-17 and Feb 22-24.

Here's the usual poll to gauge interest:

The team has been significantly overhauled by now, but it you want to propose changes to the roster, feel free to (maybe a Daz related player?), for now the only planned change is retiring Dort to put in a previously suggested Unreal Engine player.

And for the record /3/ has been voted for best overall aesthetics last cup!
>virtual FC
>not virtual /3/fu
What are the designs for the Unreal Engine player?
industryfag should have the autodesk shirt under his suit.
otherwise fucking perfect
Well, if we wanna keep up to date with what's been going on on this board, some fun little additions:

Hard Surface and Zbrush could probably see some changes. Perhaps a name change to Polymodelling and Sculptfag respectively. See:
for a bit more context, tl;dr /3/'s been having shitfits over polymodelling vs. sculpting. No idea how I'd change the models' looks though.

Uncanny Valley could probably use a model update to literally just a Daz head stuck onto a body. Some anon on /3/'s had their panties in a knot screeching about the uncanny valley or some shit and it's been a wild ride. See:
>>657915 (the later posts)
tl;dr... honestly it's a pretty big mess and I've stopped following it. I think the gist of it is that anon's been pretty unhappy with how people called his loli model that's kitbased from vidya assets as looking like a Daz doll or something.

It's Shit could also be renamed to "it's ugly" (lowercase important) just for the lulz. See:
>>657915 (the earlier posts)
tl;dr some anon just kept replying to people's posts with simply "ugly model" with zero elaboration. Then he went on to act like a complete arrogant cunt when asked to elaborate.

A fun addition would be >stylization. Just fuck up the model's anatomy hardcore. tl;dr we have good fights over muh realism vs muh style all the time and the usual business is some anon disguising really poor understanding of anatomy and form as "just my art style man".
Oh, and once again, Dorf and Ratboy Genius aren't really board-relevant anymore. I guess you can keep them around but ehhh I'm not too sure anyone gets the references anymore.
>not virtual /3/fu
That's Jiggle Physics :^)

The core idea is to give it a UE-like glossy shader, the model is up in the air, think I'll go with some sort of locust from GOW

Industryfag's shirt changes with the kit, but it's invisible most of the time so might as well give him an Autodesk shirt

I feel Hard Surface works better, especially with the AR15 model

How about Sculptfaggotry instead? In this case I prefer the player to refer to the method/result than the people making it

>Uncanny Valley
Yeah, I'll see what I can do with a Daz model, Daz really needs more place in the team

>It's ugly
Not feeling that one, it's too lukewarm; It's Shit has more punch

That's a very good idea, but I'd name it Just My Art Style Man. It could replace Wallpaper Paste

Ratboy will stay as a legacy player, I think it's fine having just one, Dorf is definitely a goner.

Also we just got word that the PES that will be used is 16 so prepare for memes since that version is absolute dildos
>It could replace Wallpaper Paste
Naw, no way. Wallpaper Paste is still pretty relevant in the scale of /3/ things. Replacing something like Utah Teapot or Quality Film Maker would be better if we're going for board culture. The teapot's more of a general 3DCG thing and SFMfags that appear ever so rarely mostly get ignored anyway. Also, maybe something more nonchalant and facetious like "it's stylized bro" (all caps optional) might work better, but I guess it's up to you.

Otherwise yeah, something like Sculptfagging could work and Hard Surface could stay. The "it's ugly" thing is most likely a one-off thing anyway, so it's fine to ignore it. Just some current events stuff.

The UE model sounds good, that classic default glossy shader. I was thinking the default pedestrian model would be pretty funny, but some random monster probably works just as well.
Alright so the changes would look like this:

Unreal Engine (placeholder name) replacing Dorf
It's Stylized Bro replacing Quality Film Maker
Zbrush becomes Sculptfaggotry

For the UE model, the default pedestrian is a neat idea, I'll test both

(the names in all caps is for better ingame readability)
>the /3/ virtual football team has more work behind it than most of the actual work done in /3/

Also Ratboy Genius is probably in the top 4 most recognizable /3/ players. Those being Guru, Ratboy, WIP, and jiggle physics.

Remember with the DAZ one to either go full 10 year old girl or absolute painted up whore.
>Remember with the DAZ one to either go full 10 year old girl or absolute painted up whore.
If this was on PES17 it would be painted up whore cause in theat game you need the tallest players you can get, but since it's PES16 a proper loli player is definitely possible (and pretty meme)

I'll check out what DAZ has to offer
Quick crash course in Daz if you're completely new to it. It's a bit of a different program.
You're gonna want morph packs in order to do anything funky with Daz. Those usually cost money though. But there are certain sites where you can get them for free. One of my favourites is 3d-load. Crawl through the Daz marketplace and write down the names of morphs that interest you. Then just search for those on said certain sites. Install, go wild.
Have fun, don't become a dazlet.
Thanks man, very helpful
>Have fun, don't become a dazlet.
That's the plan, don't worry
File: software_thread.gif (312 KB, 369x369)
312 KB
312 KB GIF
you really need to add the "no YOUR program sucks" shit spouting ass guy to the team
But who would get the boot?
aeriel needs to be on this years team
Muh Maya is boring, just a blue guy, Maya is not even a meme. Compare that to 3ds max or blender they are easily recognized characters and seeing them used as soccer players is inherently funny

MUH maya is... duh.
File: no exit.gif (410 KB, 221x196)
410 KB
410 KB GIF
Tbh as insane as that thread is, I'm not sure I can make it justice in the form of a divegrass player

But hey let's poll it

Muh Maya is indeed in dire need of a more unique model, but I don't really have ideas, best I can come up with is a grey dude with a blue-green wireframe. And other way is replacing it with this >>660426 but then one of the most talked about softwares on /3/ wouldn't have a direct rep
File: Capture.jpg (17 KB, 221x416)
17 KB
>but I don't really have ideas
just model whatever those chars have for rig on top of the dude
Good idea thank you!

So if Aeriel (Ariel?) is in, should it be its own player or just the model for It's Stylized Bro
Also thinking of combining the UE player with R8 my Renders one so he would finally have a non dull model, could be named Quality Unreal Rendering, that would leave space for No YOUR Program Is Shit


Also about medals, it's likely that the ruleset goes back to 4 instead of 5, in which case Low Poly would be the likeliest to be demoted, making the layout look like this:

Main striker: Utah Teapot
Support striker: >blender
Offensive midfielder: WIP
Midfielder: Jiggle Physics
Double post but another way to free up a player slot is combing Donut and Gurun into Donut Guru, model being The Guru holding the donut plate in one hand and the mug on the other
Honestly yeah, that atrocious Ariel model as It's Stylized Bro would work pretty well. They aren't really related (longer story of more shitfits, tl;dr 3Dguy isn't excusing his "work" as stylization because at this point _it really is his style_), but I think the two complement each other.

I don't think combining UE and R8 My Render really makes sense to be honest, plus the whole R8 My Render thing has surprisingly died down. Maybe we could just scrap R8 My Render and replace it with Software Wars or whatever you wanna call the software bitching.
Actually, I think a good idea for UE would be to "combine" it with Unity and Marmoset and call it "Real-Time Rendering" or whatever. Still got no idea how the model would look like though, but it'd probably have to be mostly shader magic.

Also, combining The Guru and Baby's First Donut makes sense. As much as a meme Blender is on this board, having it represented by three players feels a little much. Hell, could probably assimilate >blender/Suzanne too.

Not a soccer guy at all but I guess that layout looks good. Nothing like two of the most recognisable models taking midfield.
Nice idea for Real-Time Rendering name, but I'm not sure the model could combine these 3 softwares

That would make 4 freed spots for 3 new players, so I'm thinking about separating How do I? and NPR since they were originally combined into a single player to save space
>se chars have for rig on top of the d
gray model with blue-green wireframe + rig controls sounds pretty good DESU
Needs a "furfag" player
Two ideas for "Muh Maya" design
- Red-faced, triggered, angry guy
- Long blonde flowing hair and sparkles like PC Master Race
I think this >>660864 is the best idea for Muh Maya, but I might reuse the red-faced idea as part of the shitspouting player (I'm equally thrilled and disgusted at the prospect of making that model)
I can do the MUH MAYA guy if necessary, in Maya of course.
I'll just need some guidance to get the game files and make sure the output is useable
You're very welcome to, if you'll do it, use this base:


The body meash will be part of the final model, the uniform mesh is just for reference when making the rig controls, as the game loads it automatically

Just keep this pose and size and don't bother rigging/weight painting anything, that's done in Blender using an imported PES mesh as template, once you're done you can export it as either .fbx or .obj and link it here

(if you model the wireframe it'd be best to turn in topology into quads as tris would make it look too busy)
Also forgot to say PES ignores materials completely, so just make a simple diffuse map
Sounds pretty easy.
Diffuse resolution? 2048?
why are shoes UV shells overlapping everything else
>Diffuse resolution?
Power of 2, I'd advise use solid colors as texture and let the game do the shading, therefore you can go very tiny on the size

>why are shoes UV shells overlapping everything else
Because I very crudely joined all the uniform kit together for convenience, but the game uses different textures for the boots and the rest of the uniform
File: Lewd Teapot.png (3.32 MB, 1920x1080)
3.32 MB
3.32 MB PNG
Alright since it lookis everything's being said I'm officializing the changes in the roster

Quality Film Maker
R8 my Renders

Real-Time Rendering
It's Stylized Bro
No YOUR program sucks

Baby's First Donut and The Guru merged into The Donut Guru
How do I NPR? split in How do I? and NPR
Zbrush becomes Scultfaggotry

Forwards: Utah Teapot, >blender
Midfielders: WIP, Jiggle Physics

Also I've stepped up as manager for this cup to have a more leeway with the formation, but that shouldn't change drastically from the autopilot days especially in the mad dildofest that is PES16.

Thanks for the ideas and the support! cup will begin on the 15-16th of February, group stage draw will take place on the 10th of February
File: aaaa.gif (510 KB, 400x400)
510 KB
510 KB GIF
you are out
no u
no U
dorf has eternal relevance Im not gonna watch your shit I swear on me ax
Funny you say that since Dorf has never played since the team's revival (for shame really)
I can direct you to rooting for /dfg/ in the /vg/league where his model found a home
Look forward to seeing the updates!
>tfw /3/ bandwagon

show the other teams >we're not gonna be kicked around any more
I'll join the bandwagon.
Is this blender's goalhorn yet?
>annoying, ugly loudmouth

Why exactly would I want to watch this guy's drivel?
he's also full of himself inside and outside of his stage character while being mediocre at best, even for blender standards
Ugh, fucking this. I hate Captain D solely for this weird arrogance of his. He learns motion tracking and physics simulations and all of a sudden he thinks he's the best blendlet out there. Sure, it's probably a self-parody to some extent, but you can definitely tell he believes some of it. Shame because his VFX debunking is pretty cool, but this tiny little high horse he built for himself is just such a turn-off.
That won't work as a goalhorn my man
captain blendlet
the hero we didn't ask
the hero we deserve
Can I get a copy of the low poly model?
Sure, but it's set up to work in PES
Ain't no problem
Sorry for the delay, got unexpectedly busy

>aeriel didnt make it
wtf? i know you h8 her but she was popular
Not OP but I wouldn't even consider her worthy of player status. She was more of a board event than a meme. It'd work as a 3DGuy avatar, but I don't think the cups do avatars of prominent posters and shit like that.
She'll be the face of It's Stylized Bro
keep ratboy!!!!!
Don't listen to this guy
File: Draw.png (14 KB, 345x208)
14 KB
Draw happened, we'll play /tg/, /m/ (Spring 12 final rematch) and /pol/

The schedule will most likely be as follow:

/m/ match this Friday at 21:40/9:40 PM
/pol/ match this Friday at 21:40/9:40 PM
/tg/ match this Friday at 21:40/9:40 PM

Also regarding models, if any of you has access to the UE4 default humanoid model, I'd like to use it (if not the backup option is a locust from GeoW)
>this Friday at 21:40/9:40 PM
>this Friday at 21:40/9:40 PM
>this Friday at 21:40/9:40 PM
PES 16: so goal extreme that you need 4 nets on the pitch at once
Oops, the evils of copy paste, I meant:

/m/ match this Friday at 21:40/9:40 PM
/pol/ match this Sunday at 21:40/9:40 PM
/tg/ match Saturday next week at 21:40/9:40 PM
Good luck today
File: 3_playing_football.png (1.24 MB, 1920x1080)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
Yo, /3/ the first match of Winter 19 is upon us, we take on /m/ after the /tg/-/pol/ match, in about 40 min and try to luck into a win

Unfortunately delays and unforeseen events mean not aesthetics are ready, the ones that have been shafted are Muh Maya, Real Time Rendering and Uncanny Valley, but Ariel, NPR and Your Program Sucks are done

Stream link: https://witcheffect.com/4cc/stream.html
Team page: https://implyingrigged.info/wiki//3/
Tournament page: https://implyingrigged.info/wiki/2019_4chan_Winter_Cup
i love this team and beat those damn mechas

Thanks for reminder, looks like its starting
/vg/ here. You guys look fucking fantastic.
/o/ here. Good luck, /3/. Your team looks great.
Its fucking rigged.
File: 1507598619814.png (440 KB, 645x1260)
440 KB
440 KB PNG
fuuuuuug... Defense is non-existent
3 against /3/

/m/ here, thanks for the free victory guys
Sorry, guys. Hopefully things go better for you on Sunday.
Best of luck in next 2 matches /3/

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