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File: shit.gif (156 KB, 250x250)
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156 KB GIF
How much would It cost me a low poly animation that is 10 times better than this (mine)?
78 dollars and 95 cents before taxes. Probably add an extra 10 dollars and call it Euros and add 7 dollars VAT if outside US and still in first world.
Wtf op, it's not that hard to do a walk cycle you can do it, just don't rush trough it.
Cris, report back to /agdg/. You have a new mission. Over and out.
it would be free since yours is that bad.

kidding aside, fix the rigging first. Its not gonna fix everything but it will actually let you animate instead of making the mesh twist around at every motion
I know we shit on you on /agdg/, but your perseverance is actually admirable, so keep going on.
It's not that bad, or at least I'm assuming that stilted halting gait is a deliberate homage to monster movie characters.
It mostly just needs more frames, and maybe a better mesh or a unified look (either go full faux-poly or don't do it at all)

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