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What are the Pros and Cons of poly-modeling versus sculpting?
PRO: easy to do, don't need a lot of technical knowledge. Produce complex shapes with ease
CON: Hard surface & anything that is animated. If you only know sculpting you are limited to static pieces.

PRO: efficient, hard-surface, anything animated or vidya
CON: Requires skill and knowledge of subD, topology, ect. harder learning curve
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They both pluses and minuses. Either way I don't think there are many top professionals who use only one. Pretty much everything is done nowadays through a combination of modeling and sculpting.
Learning only one would be like learning to swim with only one arm. It's doable but is not the best way to do stuff
people say sculpting is easier and faster, but it just adds an extra step to everything that poly modelling would do. you can do organic shit just as fast in poly modelling if you know how to use booleans and modifiers. also if you do ever want to go into poly modelling the best program is 3ds max. straight out of the box its super efficient at poly modelling workflows, simply for the fact that you can edit mesh non destructively. not even maya can match it.
If you're a good poly modeler you waste nothing. Every vertex and edge is importent and exists for good reason. You turn the limitations into an efficient craft

With sculpting there ends up being thousands of un-utilized polys in a spagheti mess
>this thread topic again
Golly, can't wait to see another repeat of >>653905 and >>656662. Not saying that it'll happen, but it will.

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