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File: 1998.webm (1.32 MB, 856x480)
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>I´m going to render in 640x480
>PC´s don´t have enough power to play the AVI
>do it in 320x200
>20 years later
>client asks for HD render in 1920X1080
>finish job, try to present the MPG in their shitty MAC
>Shitty MAC can´t HD, video stuttered
>Had to go back home and make a 640×360 (wide 360p) that was the only thing he was able to run
If i had render the original in that crappy quality and reescaled later he wouldn´t have noticed.
640x480 was my preview resolution on PC and SGI in 1998, for quadratic pixels.

1/2 NTSC or PAL for prodcast/field stuff.

We never rendered final output on one machine, one script in 3D Studio, Maya or Lightwave would start up and cue the net rendering.
I had the example scene files for this frigging ugly Baby actor. It came with Character Studio for Max 2 or so when it still was a seperate plugin that cost several thousand $
I hated it when it became so popular because of the Alley Mcbeal show
Just kill it in every possible way
The file was called "Baby Cha-cha" and the success prompted Kinectic to make a new promo video for character studio V.2 at the time.
It was available when R1 came out. Kind of a big thing.
$1,495, later $999, after that free
I still have all the boxes on my shelf.

To be honest, Biped/Physique often created undesirable deformations in its first releases, so we used native 3ds bones or downright segmented the models at the joints. People hardly noticed at these tiny resolutions and clothes often covered the seams on human characters.
File: 20190114_185920.webm (1.5 MB, 1072x818)
1.5 MB
time really does fly

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