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Here's some background: I have a few years of experience with blender, I often use it as a kind of hobby playing around and making cool stuff.
Is blender enough to start making first person weapon reload/firing animations and shitting them onto YouTube? (I'm aware this is kinda over done) Using my experience from blender, could I easily transition to other, more professional programs like maya?
Pic unrelated
The point being? Who would watch those animations?
First person shooter animations are the basics of basics, so of course you could. Also why bother with Maya when Blender can do the job and you;re "used" to it?
Animating in this day and age is essentially a mocap polishing job or being a complete asshat in a mocap suit. Choose wisely.
any good tutorial for mocap polishing?
That's just animating.
You simply start with some fucking mess of bad mocap data and have zero artistic input on the end product. Very fulfilling career.
You're an idiot if you believe this. Like for real you're fucking stupid. "Mocap polishing" is like 5 different occupations in itself. Its a separate pipeline that goes into animation. That "asshat" also has like 3 different degrees in acting, martial arts, athletics, etc. Long story short, you're full of shit.

T. Someone that has to work on Mocap data.
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Being this fucking butthurt and defensive, of course you're a soulless lemmings with zero artistic input or talent who only cleans mocap data all day.

And no. Random asshats do most of the mocap garbage acting. Your niche martial arts games don't apply, and were done flawlessly with more personality and character before mocap was a thing.
File: 1542236278781.gif (3.89 MB, 261x261)
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>degrees in acting, martial arts, athletic, etc.
nah you're just fucking stupid dude. your low budget youtube videos don't mean ANYTHING in this discussion. they aren't the standard, and neither is your sub 50 iq on the topic.
OP is talking about shit Youtube videos, you dumb faggot. You're a cuck wageslave who does what he's told in a HR saturated hellhole of an environment. Have fun and clean that mocap.
i've never seen someone project this hard in my life. you're so salty it's mesmerizing. dude you neither have the know how to try and tell me to get back to my job nor the composure to suggest i'm a cuck here when you're bringing up "HR" kek. really hitting home with that one aren't you?
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It's easy to call other on projection when you're projecting yourself, mocap cleaning cuck.
I've never worked in any office or any 3d related fields, and never will, exactly because of said PC culture and HR.
The little you bring to the table will be automated in a matter of years. Better start making furry porn.
>I've never worked

>3d is the only work on earth
>When a hobby pays more than your career
Imagine being this caught up into slavedom by an industry. Go ahead janitor, clean up.
>T. Someone that has to work on Mocap data.
can you give me some pointers then
is there any really shitty mocaps database I can practice on
do I even need to include mocap cleanups into my future reel
Not really. Mocap cleanup comes naturally once you got a solid character animation foundation.

But there will be times that your animation lead will never get the right movements, said fuck it, and you'll have to do everything with traditional key frames animation. This happened a lot during Doctor Strange.

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