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What kind of music, if any, should I look for (especially royalty free), when I make a video showcasing my scene/renders?

I have a scene right now that is an office building campus, complete with lighting, decorations, people, grass XGen, etc. I've made a video in my editor, with each shot showing off the wireframe transitioning into solid, then textured, then a few seconds showing a render.
write your own music in FL studio 20.1
Ok this is going to sound stupid but its not, trust me. On the left speaker play hard bass
On the right speaker play royalty free classical music. The point is that employers will likely remember your showcase much more and everyone loves hardbass as well as royalty free classical music so it will only bring positive.

Or I don't fucking know don't be a retard and go "what is the tone of this" and find a piece of music on the youtube royalty free music list that matches it. ie if its an office building don't play fucking dubstep or ave maria. Or make your own music.

How fucking stupid can you be this actually pisses me off. A fucking thread died for this, if you can't understand the simple idea of "tone" to keep a viewer interested in the showcase then you probably aren't good enough at 3d to get a job. Do you have a fucking machine to keep you breathing because you don't understand how that works? Fuck
I'm looking for many opinions on this, not just my own. If I find sound that *I* like even for this scene, that skews my perspective of "tone,"
Just cuz I have some skill in this area doesn't mean that, like you, I'd have a sense of tone. You're musically skilled, but I'm not, so it would be helpful to give advice to me on tone, and I could give you advice on not writing like a selfish asshole. Was the last thread so important to you that you complained about social benefits, instead of finding a way to save it yourself?
Let me explain tone to you

>sad music
typically you would put this on something sad or melancholy
>upbeat music
typically you would put this on something upbeat

This really isn't rocket science.
>Figure out how you want the viewer to feel
>find music that makes you feel that way
>play it over the reel
>learn how to balance the sound with the visuals so you aren't overpowered but theres still something there

This skill is so much more simple than fucking 3d modeling unless you have an autistic power level so high that you can't understand what music is or what it does I have no idea how you can even model.

Christ anon just find something in this video that you think would pair well with your render. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioi_-5sAuXQ

Music not being the main point god damn why am I explaining this to a retard. FUCK. Composition goes more than just render, tone is arguably more important than anything and help a viewer feel more comfortable with the experience on a level they don't understand.

50/50 I'm fucking with you and you don't know it because you somehow don't understand tone and are about to fuck up hilariously because you're trying to get /3/ to make your resume. It's a dog eat dog world.

Its what you get really for being so selfish to put your question about pairing music with a video we don't even have on /3/ instead of any board more suited to music questions or the like and selfishly thinking that some thread that may have died, just because it wasn't all that important to you or me couldn't have had anything important in it and was just waiting to be revived.
throw in a kevin macleod and call it a day dumbass
do some generic ukulele shit
hard bass ukulele with nightcore vocals, leaves them speechless with the utter magnitude of your skill.
yeah bruh, cause every archviz should be the next Dr. Dre
>royalty free
do you think they will care?
You sound dumb.

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