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How hard is to make something like this?
Most of the shadows and lighting detail is baked into the texture so that part isn't too hard.
Literally just paint it to look that way.

The magic breaks the moment you would see that character in motion.
I don't see much point of making cartoony 3d character that looks good only as a render. You might as well just draw.
I guess if you need something that looks like it's drawn for a project immediately and don't have the time to develop a new skill mechanically. But, like, that's a hell of your own making.
Try doing it yourself in 2D first and you will understand.
Your 2D skills suck as much as your 3D skills.
Why am i not surprised?
Anyone know how you can do that? Does exist any tutorial who teaches? I would love to learn more about this way. Ty

what is this sorcery?
We've had some tuts lying around in moonspeak mega, but the link is dead by now.
Honestly, some of his 2D work is kind of charming. Check it out:

I wish 3DGuy would become 2DGuy and get gud while keeping the soul.
Also here's a small behind-the-scenes look for OP's picture:

TL;DR: hand painted textures, colored outline using inverted hull, and it seems he projected UVs from the front view so he could easily match the reference.
Thanks for the tip anon, but there are some tutorials in place to do that?
It's dead anon. I hope owner of that mega or someone else who had these saved stumbles on this message and reups.
It was basically animu workflow in blender\zbrush in moonspeak

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