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Trying to get better. Some true and honest critique is needed. Anyone?
Here are more renders: https://imgur.com/a/PLsGxd7
looks good. Is it rigged ? what apps used?
Used ZBrush, Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter, Maya.
Maya for hair (XGen), lighting and rendering (Arnold renderer).
Yep he's rigged. Used advanced skeleton for Maya which is a great auto-rigger plugin. Even for facial rig.
If I were you i would try a more serious and pro forum. Fagchan is most of the time a bad place for seeking advice
yea will do that. But I'm interested in hearing some opinions here too. Since 4chan is known to be kinda... honest.
Hold you fix the topology?
Push ur textures more.
This guy is supposed to be some sort of fighter but his clothes are immaculate.
Yep topology is pretty decent.
Did you 3d coat it?
right. He should be more covered in dirt. Thanks man
Nope. Maya's Quad draw tool is pretty great for retopo. Never used 3d coat though.
you were able to load a high poly scupt into maya? dang i thought the viewport was finicky about that type of mesh density.
Yea it is. I just decimate my model in ZBrush to about 200k. it doesen't effect the silhouette. Maya can handle about that much without dying.
The way he's holding the sword makes it seem lightweight. I think it would work better if he held it from below.
i'm still a noob at modelling and haven't gotten into retopo since i just make everything in maya, but i appreciate the info.
Never thought of that. Thanks man
File: file.png (23 KB, 163x120)
23 KB
This doesn't look normal. Makes him look like a cracked statue instead of someone who took some wicked damage. If its still open like that there would be a lot of blood. It looks gross and uncomfortable but its just too much for what I think you're going for.

File: file.png (2.47 MB, 2000x2160)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB PNG
This pose is ass and the render kind of makes the sword look like a video game asset in the hands of a video game cutscene asset.

When running with a sword a good recommendation would be "don't hold it in such a way that if you trip you will die". This is one of those ways. Also its smart to be able to run prepared for a srike or at least prepared to go into guard.

final thoughts would probably be he looks really weird in this pose in general, you need to add some weight to his sword, and you need to work on visual cohesion between the character and the assets.
Something about his face looks incredibly odd. It has that stanky Daz feel to it and kinda feels like he's gone through a lot of plastic surgery. Could just be the expression, did you make him with that upset expression or do you have a more neutral pose to share?

Like the others have said, the sword posed like that looks too light. The way he carries it almost puts forth that it's made out of foam. Also, there's no point for a sword like that to have a scabbard. Scabbards exist to hold a sword when it's not in use, so if it isn't affixed anywhere it doesn't make sense to have one. Additionally, a sword that size would just be lugged over the shoulders, like in one of your poses. It'd most likely be two-handed too, for someone his stature, unless it really is made out of foam.

Your clothing seems poorly thought out. Ideally you'd want to give some context as to why you have certain pieces of clothing there. For example, that leather "harness" over his chest is there for...? To keep his jacket from opening up? It feels odd and out of place. You have those weird red rings on his shoulders too, which while I guess you could say they're part of the jacket, they really look like separate rings he just slung over his shoulders for... who knows.
Anyway, the costume design is very bare. You need more layers. Even just a simple undershirt would help. You don't just normally wear a jacket over your naked body, do you?

Sure sure, form over function in art, but you give form a little function and you suddenly can sell your designs much better. Also, maybe try drawing from more than one source of inspiration. Really just gives off a Final Fantasy vibe, which isn't so good if you want to do original stuff.

Admin stuff: post in the /wip/ thread next time. You'll find more people that'll give proper feedback.
His neck is fucked
Thanks for your detailed feedback! I will definitely put more thought on the purpose of the cloth next time.
Maybe also put some wear on the clothes, scratches and stuff

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