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Gf is kind of annoying me. Never replies back to even simple questions until 11hrs later on days she's off. Doesn't talk about anything except her fucking pets. She still lives at home so she is barely allowed to go out. I'm thinking of breaking up with her on our anniversary in 2 days out of the fucking blue. We're supposed to to go out for a special day but i was thinking of showing up that day to tell her I'm done instead. Is that too impolite?

Pic unrelated
She doesn't know i feel unhappy. I just had enough after today, i don't give a fuck if she gets hurt and doesn't expect it

There's over 100mil women in the us. Don't give a fuck if i don't date 1/1,000,000 of them
you have to stop cucking out when it comes to her quirks. just be honest and go like: "your obsession with pets is kinda cute, but its getting a little weird".

i know that putting your foot down is endangering the relationship, but you are thinking about breaking up anyways.
I already blocked her from text calls and messaging apps that we used. I'm hoping to ghost her until Wednesday and dump her when she's all cute and done up for the anniversary day
larp thread
how did you achieve such a realistic render?
A thread died for OP's feelings
dump that whore, you cant waste your precious time not using blender.
are her initials R.C.

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