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You guys know of a place to get ps1 esque models?
I’m looking for low poly stuff that isn’t the trendy flat shaded shit you see pretty often now, but something more along the lines of low poly is the likes of katamari or some ps1 game.

Thanks friendos
I’ve been searching around pretty hard, but it’s hard to find reliable databases. It’s a bit of a niche so I’m thinking there could be a some forums around, or something

If you search for low poly on any of the big name sites, sketchfab, etc, you get trendy flat shaded shit, everywhere else I’ve fucked around on seems a bit to sketchy for me to use since this is a commercial product

Blendswap is probs the best I’ve found so far, but it’s not quite right
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Google.com. I marked out the site you want to use for these models so you still have to google it yourself.
Uhhhh, thanks for helping. But your being a dick and kinda stupid.
I mentioned this is a comercial product, I can’t used shit ripped from real games.
I said ps1 esque, not literal PlayStation models.

I’m just looking for low poly shit that’s not trendy flat shaded garbage. Kinda similar to ps1 Type shit, if that helps describe it.
I just found a forum on poly count dealing with similar stuff, it’s bringing me to some good sketchfab artists pages.
So I have a start I guess
Oh in that case I'll make you a selection of models low poly classic games style for about 300 dollars up front. Although you will have to license the package from me for commercial work and that will cost you 2 thousand dollars. For an extra 300 dollars I'll even rig and help you use the models in the future!

Best deal you'll find around. Also I assumed you meant what you were looking at was commercial stuff for private use from what you said and didn't think that someone stupid enough to take a picture of their screen on their phone to post something that can't be realistically rendered on a playstation 1 as an example of what they are talking about would be allowed to leave their home, let alone handle anything professionally.
I mean yea, I’m willing to pay obviously.
My pic wasn’t supposed to be an example of what I wanted, should of clarified. It was literally just the first thing I saw in my phone that had to do with 3D graphics.

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