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Hey /3/.

The gist of things is that I'm planning to enter a film school. One of the courses they're offering is VFX, and I'm wondering if it'd be worth it as a career choice.

I know the general consensus here is that portfolios trump a diploma, don't waste your time in art school, yadda yadda, but I have two reasons why it'd be different here.
1) I'm not looking to get into the industry, per se. I'm just evaluating my choices and seeing if VFX would work out for the future.
2) The school has partnerships with production studios. I'll be guaranteed an internship in my final year, meaning I'll have some modicum of industry connection coming out of this.

Just for the record too, it's a fairly prestigious film school, meaning the curriculum and teachers there are worth their salt. I wouldn't be wasting my time in there.

I'm asking if any industryfags (especially those in VFX) can share their experiences and any words of advice for a newfag like me.


>pic related, what I'll be learning and using throughout
>will also be learning quite a few other skills, to the point where one of my potential careers is "concept artist"
Wtf? VFX vs concept art? How are we supposed to choose that for you?

Do you like to draw, or do you like to develop simulations?

Portfolio is all that matters even if you are "guaranteed" an "internship." The equation is simple. If you want people to pay for your art, you need to get good. The end.

You can make up a little bit of quality if you are extremely conscientious, fast and produce exactly what is requested of you. But while you're in school, the primary goal is to become technically awesome. You can develop the work ethic once you're in a studio.
>Wtf? VFX vs concept art? How are we supposed to choose that for you?
I never asked that. That was only stated to give some context as to what I'd be learning if I enrolled.

>Portfolio is all that matters even if you are "guaranteed" an "internship."
I listed that part because it's simple: the internship's part of the curriculum. If I do well during the internship, I'm offered a place in the studio after graduation. I'm not saying that means I'm guaranteed to stay in the industry, but it does mean I'll have something "professional" in the portfolio once I'm out of it, granted I do well.

I just want to hear about any experiences you guys have in VFX professionally, i.e. whether or not it'll be worth it in the end. As well as any other things like highlights or cool shit you got to work on.

Disregard the before part about actually entering the industry, I've been on this board long enough to know what the standard answer would be. The entire wall of text was just to try and dissuade people posting about that, but I guess it didn't work.
Film student here. They redpilled us about how most VFX work is outsourced to places like Canada to avoid taxes, and how a lot of people have to move around a lot and basically live in hotels with no chance of getting to settle down. They also take advantage of young and eager people to get started, but then that of course wears out the older you get. Also a lot of unpaid overtime.
Consider doing freelance stuff.

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