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Jesus Fucking Christ, the official tutorials bundled with Unity aren't working for anon. I get tons of errors in the console on each one and have to start a new project. I just want to learn Unity so I wont be so babby tier compared to you all.

What do? For example, I click the unity icon, go to Learn, download a tutorial and open it and it has tons of errors or doesnt load anything into the scene at all. Im using the latest 2018 unity version fwiw.
>using built in tutorials
Why anon?
Just YouTube it.
anon, they are built in. Official. Im not going to follow some e-peen jackoffs when I have built in tuts that are certified.
Use Unreal you brainlet
Yesterdays 2018.3 update with the FPS example tut has matched unreal in quality

Would help a lot if you told what kind of errors you're getting.
Lol not even close. Come back when you can do proper alembic importing.

Actually looks better than Unreal.


Come back when you have proper real time global illumination like every other engine has.
I bet ue still doesnt have realtime GI
studio that use ut have to integrate their own solution

Have fun anon.
It's actually counter-productive with unity. 90% fan-made tuts are made for drooling retards by drooling retards.
Man, fuck Brackeys. He always only shows some tiny aspect of a topic, but you could never make a full game with these tutorials. And half of the time he even admits that and at the end of the video he's like: Yeah thanks for spending the ten required minutes on this video, but honestly a real game is too complex for the system we just developed, so here is a link to the asset store for an asset that takes care of it.
Fuck you guys
It's good for learning the basics. You shouldn't need tutorial series for every game you want to make, because if you want to make an unoriginal game, you might as well use templates and just change assets. You are supposed to learn broad concepts and make your own shit.
As I see it, the Unity tutorials that come for free and are made by Unity Technologies are low quality on purpose. They sell some other tutorials with the plus plan. I think the idea is that you see how bad and incomprehensible all that shit is and decide to pay to learn it.

I remember when I decided I was gonna learn it. The first tutorial was about making a ball move. It was a scripting tutorial that explained Jack shit. It literally just felt like a text to speech program reading C# code. At least I had an understanding of C and Python, but the comments where full of people completely lost.

If you're not willing to pay to learn, just go to YouTube. It is way better than the material provided by the Unity Technologies.
GI is insanely difficult and costly to implement even in 2018. It depends on scene complexity to use and most solutions don't permit scene elements other than the light itself to move around, otherwise they fall back to probe light systems.
I haven't checked the built in tuts in a while, and iirc they suck. Most on YouTube are way better, specifically brackeys, even if you might shit on him, they're still better than the garbage shipped with the engine. If you want anything good from unity, you need to watch their tutorial series on their website instead. Or you could pirate a udemy course or something, or actually buy one if you really want it, but I wouldn't recommend that until you know the basics, bc basics you can learn for free easily.
or you can ask persian education forum about 100% discount on unity plus tuts

No it's not, except for the clowns at Epic. Unity has real time GI, Cryengine had it since last gen (and it looks and runs better than unreal without any GI lol), even shitty Godot 3 has it.

I see nothing but unreal drones making up excuses for their terrible outdated engine.
It is. Those systems are static as in they don't allow anything to move. The only reason unreal doesn't use it is because unlike all those shotty engines you mentioned, unreal is actually handled by people that understand what's currently feasible. The ONLY dynamic solution is nvidia vxgi which is available but it still uses a lot of resources.

>runs better than unreal

Keep dreaming. Cryengine is so bad that they have duplicate sets of frameworks to support cross platforming. Its horribly maintained and no sane studio would use it.
>It is. Those systems are static as in they don't allow anything to move. The only reason unreal doesn't use it is because unlike all those shotty engines you mentioned, unreal is actually handled by people that understand what's currently feasible

SVOGI works and rune fine in both indoors and outdoors. Play everybody's gone to the rapture or kingdom come deliverance. Unity's real time solution also works fine in both indoors and outdoors.

what's currently feasible? Why can't they improve their damn real time lighting performance? Why can't they improve their shitty blurry TAA? Why can't they improve their atrocious foliage rendering? They have more money than unity and crytek combined but they can't bother to improve the rendering aspect. They prefer to cater to non-gaming people with their real time raytracing that won't be massively used until 2 generations.
Anything moving can't be subjected to it because the refresh rate is too slow for real-time performance unless you have the most powerful rig. Consoles can't use it also.

It's 100% dynamic, of course moving assets are subjected to it.

>Both Baked GI and Precomputed Realtime GI have the limitation that only static objects can be included in the bake/precomputation - so moving objects cannot bounce light onto other objects and vice versa. However they can still pick up bounce light from static objects using Light Probes
. Light Probes are positions in the scene where the light is measured (probed) during the bake/precomputation, and then at runtime the indirect light that hits non-static objects is approximated using the values from the probes that the object is closest to at any given moment. So for example a red ball that rolls up next to a white wall would not bleed its color onto the wall, but a white ball next to a red wall could pick up a red color bleed from the wall via the light probes.

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