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File: 1400134880745.jpg (30 KB, 320x321)
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>be me
>start going on 4chan
>go to /b/ and /r9k/
>sick of /b/ and /r9k/
> originally came for the memes, but I don't like seeing all of that porn
>it got really stale really fast
>ffw to today
>doing 3D modeling as a hobby, maybe as a job if I'm lucky.
>Remember 4chan has a CG board
>Never used it, but sounded cool.
>Hoped to find some cool shit some fellow anons worked on
>Get on /3DCG/
>It's all fucking anime
shut the heck up and go back to 4chan you meanie don't bother us here at 4channel we don't like your kind!!!
Ahh..... Home sweet home
I mean yeah this board isn't great. But you're robot? The literal worst of humanity? So maybe shut up and get out.
You archived a useful thread with this greentext shit without even bothering to check /wip/, kindly neck yourself on your way back to your containment board.

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