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Good day!
I am modelling for several weeks now and after I created some hard-surfaced models (houses, barrels, tools, ...) I wanted to get into human modelling.

I am looking forward to model low-poly humans like the old WoW characters, but idk how to start.
I looked at sculping, but it looks like it's more for high-poly characters.

Should I get one of these dolls (pic related) and create blueprints to model my character?
But of course not , Anon - -one of those costs 100 american dollars, and american dollars don´t grow on trees for 3D artists.
But 3D models do, so let´s make them into 3D dolls! First, we need to acquire more information and pics for these. They´re called Figurarts, specifically Body Kun for the male, and Body chan for the female - Bandai make these, and they´re the simple version compared to some japanese new ones called ' special fullaction'. Anyway, we´ll start collecting reference images from all possible angles on these two.
There are 98456 base human models for you to start with in each software package, but Body kun and Body chan have this interesting joints that makes the old wooden posable figurine looks like a joke. They have those knees and elbow joints that would make fine robot models.
File: Figureart Body chan .png (424 KB, 969x1005)
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424 KB PNG
Usually you use a skin deformer to move the main bodymesh of a human-like 3D model, but those guys could be rigged with simple hierarchy links.
File: figureart Body Kun.png (678 KB, 1527x905)
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678 KB PNG
The best option would be a simple front, side, back and top pictures of them. Pity, you´d have to buy them and snap those yourself, as no one in the internet had made those - anyone feel free to correct me if i´m mistaken.
Well be using this one to draw the reference, as full front, side and back views aren´t available.
File: 5 head proportion.png (157 KB, 355x371)
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157 KB PNG
Well, what you know! After extreme digging around, i found body chan front, back and left pictures taken from a kind anon. Now you have your proportions - although this is the 5 head sized one, your reference was the 8 head sized. But that´s easy to change later if needed, i guess.
so the guy is more realistic but the woman doll is fucking anime?!
You came to the wrong neighborhood, Gaijin
OP posted a pic of 8 € dolls from Aliexpress.
I think he will buy one of these.
File: omega tits.jpg (25 KB, 461x447)
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Nah, OP wants to make realistic anatomic anime models, not DAZ models.
What are DAZ models?
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