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is houdini vellum better than maya ncloth? if so can i do skinning with it?
just....download the trial and find out

It's a thousand times better. I hate Ncloth.
i'm currently following a tutorial that makes you form a muscle and skeleton rig using ncloth so that you can simulate tension properties accurately, moreso than just with maya muscle, but it takes 2 seconds to update the frame since it's hard simulating everything. i'm gonna follow the guide to the end and form a full on musculature system then see if i can adapt that to the vellum soft body nodes on various geo. hopefully the speedup will make it easier to do beast rigs. the skin sliding and bulging effects are pretty amazing since it's not doing any deformer shit. it's straight up treating the skin as a cloth sim on top of soft body muscles on a rigid skeleton that's joint rigged accordingly. it's super advanced but i just think it'd be fun to learn and would be a good thing to have in a folio alongsize mari uv/displacement texturing. thing is houdini doesn't seem to let you do viewport stuff with shader materials so i can't get realtime viewing of those materials with various gloss/roughness viewing. still the simulation is more valuable to me for now.

here's a link to the tutorial btw
File: cz1mYkK.jpg (54 KB, 900x900)
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>probably the most advanced rigging technique, requiring insane technical knowledge alongside insane anatomical and artistic knowledge
>good thing to have in a folio alongside lookdev stuff
Anon, there's a reason muscle cfx TDs are scarcer than water in the desert and their base salary breaks six figures.
They are the guys that mastered not one, not two, but THREE of the most difficult, time consuming subjects which most people don't bother tackling even one: rigging, form and anatomy.
And you're a lookdev guy?
Good luck, you'll need it.
>muh salary
bring it back to /biz/

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