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Does anyone know how i can model this form? I want the triangles to have consistant proportions and grow out from the faces. I tried particle in 3ds max but the triangle shapes weren't growing out but just bunched together
You can use python in most modelling programs.

You might try generating the geometry around an atomic unit, or a singular mesh. Randomly generate and connect multiple atomic units. Iterate along the faces of the shape you've generated, and connect one or more faces to new instances of the atomic unit at random. Distort or deform the mesh as you go along.

So I'd personally try a programmatic solution.
Hey thanks for your reply. Do you have any links to tutorials where i could learn to do that? I work mistly in 3ds max and sometimes maya.
The best place for guidance on that would be scholar.google.com.

I did find something that might get you close to what you are after. http://www.debrismaker.aarondabelow.com/v1/

You could also search github for rock/geometry generators.
Thanks- i have debri maker but i need to generate a specific triangular module for a visualisation for a sculptural piece. So each unit is the same but it needs to grow or spread like image in OP. Unfortunately i dont know python.
This? Maybe?
Looks interesting but it is texture based so it cant grow specified geometry. Thanks anyway.

I wouldn't say generating a clean mesh is going to be trivial. It's a week long project, if you don't know python, or another language. In 3DS max, there is object paint, and that seems like a good thing to look into.
I only have today to make it. I guess ill have to manually construct it and umtry object paint. Its going to look shit. Thanks anyway. If i have any similar stuff to do in the future could learning Houdini be a solution?
What do you mean by growth? Assuming OP would be the final shape, what do you intend to have as a base and what would the growth look like?
Assuming all else fails, you can always try this manually. Dyntopo/Sculptris/anything with dynamic tessellation i.e. sculpting will give you these organic shapes with consistent tris sizes (when set to constant).

Try Blobmesh? 3dsmax

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