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nothing left in life. didi a shitass degree in engg. didnt get any job now have no money. i go to a job everyday i hate just to make a little for my family. i had an interest in 3d works like modeling stuff. is there any good degree out there which would help me. i have tried the tuts and videos but they only help you to some extent. i am desperate what should i do. i m 27 now and life just seems so meaningless now
portfolio > degree
a degree will help but nothing will beat a solid portfolio
don't waste your time in art schools unless you know they'll guarantee you a spot in the industry (partnerships that induct students as interns etc.)
now go watch even more tutorials and practice your ass off
school will help you even less
That is the damn truth there
go be a teacher my man.

you have 3 months of paid vacations and you only work 7 hours a day.
is this satire? OP is probably teaching blender donut making AS WE SPEAK and it doesnt pay a fucking dime hahahahahaha
This. You won't learn shit from school if that's your goal. Only do it for the credentials and placement.
Just make shit done. It's cool to study but 3d is not math. 3d is not about like career path, if you can sell shit than you will survive if you can't, well. Good luck then.
Pick what you want to do: Character, environment, vfx, etc. And just end it up.

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