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How does /3 feel about people who use basemeshes as a starting point for their work?

Would you call it cheating? Is it frown upon like tracing artworks?
In short: if you don't use them even though you could, you're retarded.
If you're doing generic human character #1146472857 where you don't deviate much from your basemesh, you have pathetic skills anyway.
And if you're not, a basemesh is only going to help you get through the first boring block out stages relatively quickly and painlessly, not any further.
So if you're crap, you're not gonna go anywhere else.
It (((won't))) get you a job
if you're using your own base mesh no one gives a fuck.

yes it will, retard
it depends of the job
if your client gives you a template... does that count?
Anon I made a basemash for a hand but considering I'm going to sculpt, retopo and animate it what is the best position for its fingers?
File: Relaxed-Spin.jpg (710 KB, 3347x881)
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710 KB JPG
slightly curved in the direction they will bend as shown
You can let it curl even more than that. Sculpt it in a totally relaxed position so nobody has to do any work to pose it that way.
totally relaxed would make it a bitch to retopo and skin, fingers should be splayed a bit.
>It (((won't))) get you a job
I literally just a got a job last week by detailing up a base mesh lol
I dont like them unless im in a hurry or need only part, i tend to be a bit too gravitated to the underlying shapes, so generally i try to start from scratch, i often bring in a base later to project detail back on so i get nice topo
But in production? You do what ever works
Make your own low-poly version, decide how much of the anatomy you want to support and how it will be rigged, then just tweak it to match what you're going for. There's no reason not to use one, unless you don't need it to be rigged at all.

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