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Go draw some pelvises
A thread died for this.
I just make shit up and somehow it looks
there are 8 abs under the pecs, a belly button somwhete in there and obliques on side under ribcage
not really that complicated
What you have there isn't far off as far as the oblique goes, but to it look proper is dependent on context in how it connects to the rib cage and pelvic.

Rather than obsess over an area sculpt the whole thing and pay careful attention to how things interconnect as a system and you'll grow much faster as an artist.
What made me take a big leap was stop looking at static charts and drawn anatomy by other artists as source but watch a medical disection of the real thing.
Once you've seen the real skeleton, muscles and connective tissue as it exist inside us you realize how much is lost in translation in them anatomy drawings.
To elaborate a bit, say you look at an anatomy chart and you base your sculpt on that. It might be totally plausible and anatomically correct, yet not the kinda correct you need.
Because there are wide range of shapes and variations of that anatomy depending on the specific physique of the kinda person you wanna depict.
So there isn't a silver bullet way of how to shape something that works every time because the underlying anatomy has proportions as varied as what you see on top from person to person.

Ever refining your understanding what you looking at and integrate and style all the interconnections of the body parts to your vision and ideals for the character you wanna make is where the art is at.
You can't play a piano just from being able to name every key, you need to have a feel for how they intermingle.
What's the purpose in modelling shit like ribs and abs when any real 3d modelling job is just going to have you loosely follow basic proportions that are covered in clothes and what not?
Zac Petroc - The Form of Anatomy

Best tutorial I have ever seen on this subject.
Basically depicting the naked human form convincingly is so difficult that if you can pull it off well you will own a very keen eye for detail and understand how to depict the most delicate of forms.
It's impossible to master anatomy without at the same time become equiped to depict anything thrown at you well since your sense for complex curvature and aspect ratios will be dialed in.

It's also a subject that many people find pleasing to pour endless hours onto. We're humans, the human form is inherently interesting to most of us.
If you strive to become really ace at this the number of hours you gonna spend on it numbers in the several tens of thousands so you better make sure you enjoy the process.

If you wanna into charcter art on a high level you will need to have solid anatomy even if the level of refinement needed will vary depending on the artstyle you're going for.
One thing I never understood is wtf is wrong with you cgboys starting from the hardest the first time you run the application... do you really think you can skip fundamentals somehow?!
How naive!
Block them out from primitive shapes first until your brain can comprehend what the fuck you are doing, then come back!

yeah, go back to drawing 500 boxes a day

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