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How do I set up my UV's properly for this lovely pixely textures to work ? Is there a way to snap the vertices into the grid perfectly in blender?
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scaled up uv's
>Is there a way to snap the vertices into the grid perfectly in blender?
Bottom bar of the UV interface, UVs > Snap to Pixels.
Alternatively, you can be a pedant and open your N panel. Give each vertex precise X/Y coordinates.
Such a question doesn't deserve its own thread, post in the /blender/ thread next time.
Still too many tris
he literally has tutorials on his youtube
what the fuck I can't find her face on the UVs
Does it actually matter where I put seams and how many uv islands I set up if I were to go for this pixel style?
Yes, angled seam lines will show up as partial pixels. You can see a very slight one in the op's gif if you look at here hair highlight band just on the left side of her head, when the wires are off. Minimizing the amount of island will lower how much of this you have to deal with. But you will notice that her whole texture uses essentially cube projection and her model reflects that, it can be broken down it to square mostly flat groups of faces.
>polite sage
Sorry, use that once and fucking chome auto fill thinks its being clever.

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