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File: 1473538622548.png (212 KB, 540x580)
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where I can find low poly nudes?
You know, I was thinking about taking screenshots of porn positions and remaking them with low poly characters. Not really chibi style just stylized people with low res textures and shit banging with extra floating geometry for effects. I don't know if anyone would like it though or if it would just come off as too perverted and weird.
I would be interested in this.
File: sad cat crisp.jpg (20 KB, 516x536)
20 KB
Is that Seiko?
My trauma is back
I would just love to have a good low poly male and female base mesh to work off of
If you can't even make the base mesh how do you pretend to make the detailed parts
I usually model objects and creatures, not humans. And since we are really good at recognizing humans I feel that modeling them is really easy to fuck up
I would recommend just practicing, find some reference you like a model it, save it and then open a new document. And just keep repeating that, by the time you are 10 or so deep you should have a good feel for it. The real change is establishing a good feel for topography. Proportionality and anatomy are easy to fuck up and will effect the aesthetic outcome more but if you are using good references and with that much repetition it should become trivial.

Don't feel bad about straight up copying things whether that be concept art or wires somebody posted. Being able to look at something a duplicate it with precision is a really undervalued skill among artists. Also it happens to be great for your portfolio, other cant judge how well you actualized your goal if they don't have a point of reference what your goal was.

Anybody can get there with repetition and a little critique and humility.
That actually sounds hilarious. Please, do it.
I think the "extra floating geometry", a la ""motion graphics"" is what would make it.
Back in the ol' times all the porn was like that.
I was making a low poly loli and she was naked for a while.
I could have posted her, but nah.

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