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Whats better, Blender or Modo for modelling hard surface? I feel like I cant go near Modo because of the lawsuits and I wont disconnect and I wont risk just blocking with a firewall and having that not work and getting sued and losing $texas over a hobby that I make no income from.
For fuck sake who's gonna check your PC for pirated software?
Then why asking the question if you are forced to use Blender by your own conviction?
Do you want to be miserable?
The answer is yes.
Modo vanilla is already much better, if you pimp it with addons and custom shortcuts and actions it becomes unstoppable.
>Modo vanilla is already much better, if you pimp it with addons and custom shortcuts and actions it becomes unstoppable.

File: modo hours.png (36 KB, 305x127)
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I got modo indie heavily discounted on steam a few years ago.

I was going to tell you to do the same,but it seems it's subscription only now.
MODO is godly if you do hard surface and industrial design stuff. Rigging and animating not so much, but there have been improvements.
arent there blender add ons that leapfrog it ?
The Foundry. They who command fear and despair over the whole 3DCG community.
>fear and despair
maybe if you are stupid and/or poor
if you're not stupid you could use raspberry pie to filter outgoing traffic (all the fucking programs that phone home)
if you got the $ you simply use an offline workstation.
In today's age of insecure hardware and corporate espionage its simply the best and safest option (for everything).
It isn't, he's just memeing. Blender has amazing addons as well and, unlike modo, you can easily get all the paid addons for free because the licensing requires them to distribute it in an open way that others can freely redistribute (legally)

Most of them are on github even
what are the must have hard surface addons for blender in current year?
Blender isn't a bad modeler but it isn't top tier either, no matter how much legally free addons you pile on top of it.
Modo is much much better.

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