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I am absolutely shit at drawing. Can someone who have no school with 2d find success doing 3d art? I want to be able to make video games, so I want whatever path helps doing that. I mainly want to make turn based rpg games.
>this question again

In short, yes. You can.

In full, it's gonna be harder without some fundamentals in 2D, depending on what you want to do. Having basics in 2D/traditional art helps you to visualise forms a lot better, which is a major positive if you're looking into making characters (helps anatomy).
Plus, having the ability to sketch usually helps to keep your projects focused, because you can maintain your initial view of how you wanted things to look from the start. It's easy to veer off and change a bunch of things when you're just working iteratively, and your end product suddenly looks different from what you initially wanted to make. Not that it'll be any worse, it may even be better, but just something to take note.
Now, that's not to say 2D is a must. You can do 3D just fine with little to no skill in 2D. Things like hard-surface modelling, topology, rigging, animation, etc. etc. have basically no relation to 2D, so you'd be learning them the same way with or without prior experience in drawing. Even sculpting anatomy, which many people say having 2D knowledge helps a lot, can be achieved without said knowledge. It'll just take more time.
It's just a "good-to-have" skill, not necessarily a prerequisite.
Why is he so springy? This triggers me.
SFM animators who don't have a firm grasp of the fundamentals
If you want to do the graphics (and not just the technical stuff) then in order to make your work look good, you will have to develop the same fundamental abilities that would be needed to make your drawings look good.

In other words it's as if you're asking "can I be a succesful politician if I'm not a salesman?" yes you can but to make people like and vote you, you will need the same communication skills
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To be fair, the refrence material is pretty springy as well.
They just exaggerated it a little too much.
>Things like hard-surface modelling, topology, rigging, animation, etc. etc. have basically no relation to 2D

Animation is one of the most conservative discipline out there and typical animation development cycle didn't change a single bit. That is often counter-productive, but in this case it's more than warranted because a 2D concept of a pose\key sequence, is much, much faster than anything even best rigs are capable of doing.
They just can't compete with drawing three-four quick lines on paper.

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