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What's the best way to recreate this kind of cloth animation for a real-time character? [00.20]
Baked sim? Skeletal?
skeltal haha doot doot
your engine should have some sort of cloth simulation system, look for it
Unreal does have cloth simulation, but it doesn't look great, and is a pain to set up with something imported form Blender, which I'm using for this.
Dynamic joint chain.
>Abloobloo it's too hard
Then find another hobby, retard.
>Dynamic joint chain.
...is absolute shit in both unity and unreal
better off writing your own(or stealing it from someone else) than getting into the trashcan they provide for plebs
>Wasting hours and hours trying to get Unreal to generate physics bodies from a blender model at the right scale, only to get a buggy simulation.
If you're happy with half-assed efforts, more power to you, man.
Any stripe of cloth/ponytail type object can easily be achieved with skinned mesh and a simple physics chain using verlet integration.

If you can be assed to code here's a rundown that provides an excellent staring point to make your own:

If not you better of not worrying about these type of stuffs til you're on a team that has a tech artist or til accessible systems capable of doing what you want becomes mainstream in packages.
Well simulated cloth you see in contemporary AAA's is part of the PhysX library. Google for APEX clothing for additional insight.
-Baked blender cloth simulations
-Rig the simple cloth pieces and animate it yourself.

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