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Can I talk about this here? It's kind of related.

I fucking hate the MMD community so god damn much. It's full of a bunch of air headed zoomers who poorly rip models and screech when people don't "credit" them for shit they didn't even make. It's full of either literal twelve year olds or retarded ironic weebs.

I only touch the fucking garbage community because of VRChat. But holy fuck. Just reading the descriptions on half this shit pisses me off to all hell and back.

I'm not the only one, right?
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Don't know, don't care, because I make my own models for VRchat like a real nibba.

If I had to care though, I'd say that community smells like a garbage fire.

Pic unrelated, because I'm on mobile.
Yeah, the MMD community has been cancer since the beginning of times, you can't even say it's VR chat that started this sort of behaviour.
Blame Japs, they should throw the most autistic shitfits, deleting their account and all their works if their model got too popular or got used by a western fan.
It's not even young people actually.
The western fans are pure cancer, the Japanese are still somewhat autistic at times but alright.

The solution is not to be a lazy untalented asshole, making your own content.
It still pisses me off that a project that's just poorly animated slightly edited mmd models fighting is more popular than anything I'll make probably. Not for lack of skill but brand recognition and waifu b8
Gmod is also particularly bad. Same models with tiny edits and screeching for credit or toally OC donut steel versions. Shit like this is why many Japanese modellers now outright refuse to share anything anymore. I think Secondlife is also as bad but I dont play it only have heard in passing
File: 1529796806224.jpg (24 KB, 400x400)
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what's just as bad is SFM
what the fuck is mmd
MikuMikuDance, a program used mainly by the vocaloid community to make music videos.
It's relatively easy to import shit into MMD or change stuff around and it's even easier to make porn with other people's assets.

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