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Sorry if this is a FAQ but I can't find any material about the matter.
I want to emulate an artstyle like pic related and Megaman 64, are there any guides or tutorials you suggest to achieve such thing?
Is there a recommended polygon count?
a few hundred tris per character max, single 128x128 paletted texture maps
This. Also reference, it helps having some form of concept art you can use as a base, just reduce everythong to basic shapes and silhouettes.
>download or rip model yourself
>study art style and figure out how to emulate it that way
>adapt it into your own look
>with future questions use the questions thread
Easy, also google is your best friend.
File: Avalon Code 2.gif (1.78 MB, 512x384)
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1.78 MB GIF
Fyi it's almost impossible to rip models from the PS1 era because they're encrypted in proprietary formats and because the PS1 has no z-buffer you can't rip the OpenGL/DirectX context from an emulator.
File: avaloncode.png (1.76 MB, 956x1150)
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1.76 MB PNG
>Avalon code
my nigga
I recently emulated this and I love the atmosphere (the gameplay is questionable though)
Does anyone know how to rip models from DS games? I want to rip the fairies from Mission Enchantix.
File: 1535-451007080.png (94 KB, 613x981)
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Like this one.
Models resource have a ton of DS models.
some low poly tuts i found
Download the models you want from "The Models Resource" webzone.
There are also tons and tons of ripped game models on DeviantArt (mostly in the xnalara / xps and SFM formats)
Can I download a ripped model and use it as a base mesh, or will I get cough?

I just would like to edit the models, I can do uvs and textures from scratch, but I want to know if some data is stored in model that would let people know I edited a ripped model if I put it in a game and someone ripped that.
Prob 500 poly limit and 1 128*2 texture, this is a ds game?

If you want good reference find ff9 model rips, or chrono cross, those games really pushed the ps1.

Mind you they used a lot of tricks, like models are made as half and then mirrored at runtime.

Something I'm 100% sure it's happening on that screen.
Do what you said for your own practice but don't actually use them for games.

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