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Is it faster and better to create 2D animation contents to things like Youtube for example, instead of 3D animation??

I know it depends on the project you want to do, its subjective, yes, but i'm wondering about this cuz i can see TONS of 2d animations in Youtube, and just a tiny few 3D animation series....how fast can a good 2d animation be?
I've learned the hard way that in terms of creation/ skills there is no difference.
To say it another way, the best 3D animators can and do animate in 2D.

The issue is that posing the characters in 3D takes more time than drawing up a quick pose.
So the solution ironically is to do your animation in 2D, rough or w/e and merely copy with 3D.
So you spend much less time Thinking about poses in 3D but merely copying from a reference.

Hope this makes sense, I'm gaining 2D experience while i continue to 3D.
The same concept applies to modeling as well, so all the fags that say you don't need to learn 2D to do 3D is a bunch of cunts, if you want to get gud you have to have great fundamentals in 2D.
Yep there's no difference, it's all hard.
Just use a 3d model then trace over it in 2d bro
The barrier to entry for 3D is higher.
There could be less 3D due to lacking access of 3D programs.

Their comp might not be stronk enough.

2D you draw the "model". 3D you have to learn the interface to control the model. You also have to find a good modeled rig.

This is from someone who has done both 2D and 3D.
Not all 2D is puppet animation anon.

I'm a 2D animator trying to figure out how to learn 3D for free.

The big advantage with 3D is not having to figure out perspective and how your will look from certain angles, but the animation will be shit without the basics that we have learned through 2D.

In 2D you are drawing a character that although its on paper/screen its meant to be a representation of a 3D object, so in a sense 3D is just a continuation of the art of animation that makes it easier to keep things on model.

To say that one is better than the other is like saying western movies are better than horror movies, they both have their different audiences but are still things to enjoy.

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