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old tools modern engines

anyone know of level editing tools like dooms (idtech1) or quake 1, 2 or 3(idtech2 & 3)

i find it difficult to make maps in modern engines like unity and wish to find a vertex based editor like older engine's had for a modern engine
or make a map in the old Editor and convert it to the new engine

(idk where to post this)

/3/ /g/
Im recommending SabreCSG for Unity if you want a Workflow like the Source engine, idtech or Unreal Engine (i dont know if this still applies for UE4).

Knock yourself out.
QuArK (Quake Army Knife)

Damn, it like a completed version of Ken Silverman's build 2 engine map editor.
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Yeah so far its fucking amazing and its being actively worked on and updated (check dumptruck_ds videos on it). Right now Q2&3 support is in the works and fingers crossed for GoldSrc support in the future

forgot, Q2 is already supported as with Hexen2
Doom Builder is awesome, you can always use Misfits Model 3D or Milkshape or Fragmotion and then save the .3ds or .obj and transfer it into your engine.
that reminds me of Google Sketchup. I knew a dude who made 3DS max quality levels in Google Sketchup and transferred the .obj so Silent walk fps creator 2 and made some of the raddest looking games. Only problem was the engine didn't do very well with how gameplay functioned but the levels were sick for 2006 or 2007.

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