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All artwork made in blender, what do you think? Would something like this work?

Animation in my video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1DdCQfeDx4
Nice video. I liked the design language and the colors. Very refreshing and professional presentation!

The only problem I could see with it so far are the captions baked into the video, which is a bit superfluous since YouTube already has a built-in captions feature that can automatically scale to fit the user's device form factor and supports multiple different languages for international users. The video's built-in captions were quite small on my phone, which is a bit concerning since this is targeted to mobile users. Other than that, it looks pretty solid from my end.

Please dont samefag and shill everyone can tell
I'm on meds that make it impossible to wake up, I'm not him. I legit think it's a good idea.
I don't think looking at your phone first thing after you wake up, and especially playing some mini games is a healthy habit, but knowing today's society, it would probably become successful.
I like the idea. My phone has a built in thing where I have to solve a puzzle to turn off the alarm. It helps get the brain out of sleep and into awake I just wish for more of a challenge than "pick the highest number"
I am thinking the same

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