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Does anyone here actually have a /3/ related job or make a living off of /3/ contracting/freelancing?
What's your position and how much do you earn?
Usually on my knees, $20 per job.
>not 1 million x 1$
not gonna make it
job? yeah, I guess. make a living? lol, no
I work as a graphic designer, but I've dabbled with 3d since middle school (doing stupid animations to show friends with some program called "3d Canvas"). I've got a fair bit of knowledge when it comes to 3d, but not enough probably if I had went to school for it.
That being said, while I make my main money with my /gd/ job. I've got a small chunk of followers for 3d and regularly get freelance work doing 3d stuff as well. I make a good bit passively selling renders on Redbubble and similar.
I won't pretend I know as much as someone who does 3d professionally, but I can get by, and I find it's easy to learn if I have trouble.
I just got my first /3/ related job last week. Got it 6 months out of uni, I've waited for this moment all my life I'm so happy bros
congrats man, what's your position?
also post work?
yeah, i typically quote between 35-40 an hour, depending on the project.

if you want to make money in 3d, get involved with the auto industry. they will literally shit money at you, and cant get enough people.

if you want to make even more money, learn surface modeling and class A, preferably with catia v5 or newer, though some places use alias or solidworks or whatever. if you are even somewhat decent at catia and get in with the auto designers, you can easily make 100k+ a year (in burger dollars)

problems with learning surface modeling
>not a lot of tutorials, fairly difficult to learn compared to polygonal modeling
>scene can be competitive
>auto industry ppl tend not to be the most hospitable bosses/clients
>other designers are often as pretentious as rumors would suggest
Junior animator!

If I had some throwaway shots that weren't in my reel I'd share but I haven't sorry :(
Job? Yes. Living? Plus benefits with no out of pocket.

I adore my job. /3/ is only about 1/3rd of my work, another 1/3 is manual analog model building, and the last 1/3 is digital illustration. It’s super comfee.
11 months out of uni
still training and improving my skills while going to grad school.
Have gotten a few interviews/art tests but have not landed a job yet.
Living in a third world shithole probably does not help
Keep going anon, you can do it!
i had a colleague that was living in the 3rd world applying to companies for 5 years before decided to just move here and apply again, get the job immediately
move where? canada?
>automotive design
>literally the most oversaturated market for designers
>can’t find enough applicants

lol no. The world has enough ERRMUHGURD CURRS tards who can’t get a job modeling door handles, we don’t need any more.

If you want a surface modeling job toys or consumer products are the easy in.

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