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Yo, recently I've been trying to port a re-skinned bullsquid model from a GoldSrc Mod to Source and its being a bitch right now. The Model is unresponsive in most places when coming into contact with the ground, players or the physgun beam. I've provided some examples below and I can provide the .qc and .smd files if helpful.
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Not really what this board is about, bud, but I would hazard a guess that this isn't actually about the 3D model itself, but rather the scripts attached to it in-engine.
Knew this would be the wrong place to post it, sorry about that. Anyway, the model is almost identical to the bullsquid's model with the only difference being the removal of 3 tailbones. I might need to build a new collision model if thats the case.
The model looks real low poly, you can probably just use the production mesh as the collision mesh if Source lets you do that. /agdg/ on /vg/ might be a better place to ask, those dorks probably have gmod experience.
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Low poly yes. I might use the produc mesh, but the extra tail-bones may get in the way of the ragdoll. Also, wouldn't it be easier to build up the collision mesh in Milkshape3D? The model becomes fragmented when I try to port it to Blender and MS3D is basically built for Source.
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Is that a bullsquid/Mr. Valve hybrid abomination?
facepunch could be the right place to ask

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