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How do u make your 3D character render not be "stiff" whatever that means.

I asked /a/ and /co/ about making a 3D comic with waifus and they told me 3D comics look stiff as fuck.
learn posing
I will tell you if you give me that Asahina model
Studies in gesture as well as anatomy will help greatly. Your goal is to create a rhythmic silhouette while obeying the constraints in a given joint's range of motion. You must also do this while keeping the pose balanced. So take into account gravity and shit.
>they told me 3D comics look stiff as fuck
Thats because those that make them usually have no clue about gestures
Get "Force" from Matessi and study that
>Get "Force" from Matessi and study that
Looks solid, cool. I guess some drawing skill is required, but nothing really advanced, right? Just competence with proportions and forms?
Yup the entry level is pretty low you dont even need to know proportions and forms though it surely helps
What I do is when I ride to my wageslavery and back, I keep a notepad where I draw every human passing around me, since humans rarely sit still you train your brain to capture their pose asap - which what essentially gesture is, it's bare necessities required to describe movement in this particular slice of time. You will know you made a good gesture when it's something like two-three curves tops and when other people that look at it besides you will instantly recognize what its about
Thanks! That sounds like an excellent method, I'll try it out.

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