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Does anybody have any idea of what's the fastest way to import custom sfm models into blender? For some reason ambient occlusion doesn't work for sfm on my laptop so I'm making the switch to blender.
Click file then import and select your shit
Done . Was it really that hard?
It's not as easy as you claim it is. Trust me on this. I tried doing it from the MDL file (with that import plugin from Smutbase) and I can never get it to work properly.

OP's best bet is to buckle down and download/learn Crowbar and Blander Source Tools to do the job.
Does the import plugin even work? There is literally zero instructions on how to use it.
Join the smutba.se discord and ask there
skip crowbar, get wall worm tools (for 3ds max). it's literally a godsend. one click model import (incl textures, material setup and animations)
I'm banned from that discord.
But I need to get sfm models to blender. 3ds max is irrelevant to what I'm trying.
How so? 3ds is as capable as Blender.
I'm not paying for 3ds. I already have zbrush and I'm not willing to shell out more.
Paying? W-what do you mean?
I don't want to spoonfeed but
Any idea on how to get directions for how to use it?
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I googled it
HAhahahahaha wtf this is real
place the ZIP onto your desktop
open blender, then open user preferences, then hit "install addon from file" and select the ZIP
that probably puts a new Source MDL option in your import settings.
Lizendy. He's on youtube.

> Part 2 Rigging
What is exact purpose of all this?
Correct tail position and roll?
I guess it never bothered me because I never rotate bones on specific axes.
What other problems it can cause?

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