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File: rigging_help.png (680 KB, 3828x1080)
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hey, noob here.

i'm working on a rig for a character how do i make it so i can move the bone like i did in the right screenshot in edit mode? this should be simple but i cant figure it out. i want the two outer points to stay at the same location when i move the middle one.

thanks allot!
Make a chain of 3 bones.
Put an empty at the tip of the top bone.
Select the armature and go into edit mode. Select the lowest bone. Press alt+c to clear the parent.
Go into pose mode and select the lower bone. Add "strech to" constraint. Target:Armature, Bone: middle bone.
Then, select the upper bone. Add "strech to" constraint. Target: empty.

You are done.
thanks but will this also work if i try to export it into a unity game?
unity anon here.
Yes if your model is humanoid you could make animations there.
If its like not a humanoid you could use legacy for that.
either way i prefer learning to animate in unity if its human since there are tools to help you close fingers etc. like that. Hope this helps.
File: back.png (506 KB, 1920x1080)
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thanks for your reply but i dont really think it does. im working on a game with cutscenes. i dont think your solution will work because i want to render out the cutscenes.

i want the tubes in my screenshot to stick at their connections when i move the head with an extra point of control so the tubes dont go through each other
I'd try to do it with a stretchy IK setup, including a pole target. You can do it with rigify.

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