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I wish i can stop time
I cant stop procrastinating on my Animation, dammit.
I want to animate, but i want to play video games. How do you manage your time, anons ?
Look for flaws in the games you play until you hate them.
I hate myself, I count the seconds until death takes me.
Remember that life passes by and you will probably rot and die alone if you don't do something to grow as a person.

Time doesn't forgive anyone.
You'll rot and die alone anyway.

That is life.
When you look back on your life, you're not going to miss not playing video games, but you're going to miss on a lot of other stuff.
Hopefully I'll die before rotting.
Where did we come from?
Why are we here?
Where do we go when we die?
where did ya come from cotton eye joe
Do you remember anything before you were born?
Odds are that's where you'll go when you die.

You've been not alive before, you already know what it's like.
You know how when you actually understand this question your brain'll feel unpleasant for a second or two? I get that exact same feeling except way worse when I consider the fact that I was born as *me*, and not anyone else.
Drink a ton of coffé and keep working. The more you work, the more you feel like working...

And drink loads of coffe
im an animation lead at a p big studio.

don't stop procrastinating. dont ever stop.
what laid before?
and what lies beyond?
is anything certain in life?
They say, "Life is too short"
"The here and the now"
And "You're only given one shot"
>The more you work, the more you feel like working
This is so fucking true especially if you have some form of depression. Even if you're passionate and you love what you do, getting started is sometimes a chore and feels like it's not worth even hitting the power button on your PC. But once you get started, it's impossible to stop. You have to remind yourself of that rush you get when you're working on a project, and tell yourself what you have to do to feel that way again.

I go on /v/, post a "what does /v/ think about this" and let them shitpost until I hate the game I'm thinking about playing.
Only works if you have terrible taste in games.
File: Varg_Vikernes-4.jpg (154 KB, 1000x667)
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> How do you manage your time, anons ?
I fucking don't. I better be doing that i enjoy then i will be trying so hard that i will lose my desire to make any 3d
*than instead of then
Sorry for grammar
Worked for me, but now im stuck here
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I wish I can stop time so I can have enough sleep
and not waste so much time on it.
Grow up.
I regret growing up
Grow down, then.
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Yes, do it like Todd and take five steps backwards
All around me
I honestly wish I played more videogames
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work is lame
you only live once
you still have time to do it later anon
dont spend your life slaving away when you could be having fun
you'll have time to smash it out right before the deadline don't worry
everyone else is out having fun while you do this
if you were really passionate you wouldnt have to push yourself
why can't I stop fapping

I'm trying to nofap, but every time I give up a few days in because there are really lewd things popping up in my mind and I simply cannot be productive because all I think of is sex. And after every cumming I feel like shit and am tired

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