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I'm making a character for an Unreal game, and I absolutely suck dick at rigging.
In order for Unreal to generate bone collision bodies at the right size, the rig needs to be scaled 0.01x in Blender.

The problem is that when I apply the scale to the rigify skeleton, all the bones and controls get completely fucked up. Pretty sure it has to do with IK but I have no clue on how to fix it, any ideas?
Rig it with a normal size in Blender and convert scene scale to 0,01 on the skeletal mesh import dialogue in UE4.
Are you certain that will do the trick? The whole thing about why this was supposed to work is because the mesh is at 1x scale and the rig at 100x when applied.
Don't do this, UE4 shits the bed when it comes to handling physics on scaled skeletal meshes.
You need to import the rig in Unreal at scale 1.0x and it needs to be of the right dimensions in game.
It means you need to set your units correctly (centimeters) in your 3d package.
Your mesh and all your joints need to be at scale 1.0x when you bind the mesh to the skeleton.

Just stay at scale 1.0x ffs. It's not that hard.

If you do, Unreal will generate 90% of the physics asset for you and will spare you lots of headaches.
Hm I didnt know that thanks anon. I never had to do that since I work with maya which has its default unit set to cm (same as ue4).
So OP: Blenders default unit is set to meters if im not mistaken, then just set it to cm and continue work as usual.
he never asked for this
Why would you give such a chaotic character a halo? That's fucking dumb.
>and I absolutely suck dick at rigging
If you are serious about becoming a bit more good of a rigger I can give you free advice not strictly related to Unreal physics and whatnot, but heed it out and any other rigger hanging around here.
Please for the love of god
STOP MAKING FUCKING circular controllers with no width and direction, it's what absolutely infuriates us end users of these, this shit is so tough to select, so tough to discern from other circular controllers, especially if rigger makes whole fuckton of them stacked on each other and every one of them works differently this is just nightmare, please please please don't do it
File: scaleblener.png (29 KB, 462x352)
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What is you scale in blender? I use this one and have no problems exporting to UE4
its the same in blender,unity and unreal which is 1 blender unit = 1 meter.

unreal unit = 1 meter, unity unit = 1 meter
File: 2z2kwv21b5k11.jpg (13 KB, 300x300)
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Just download Maya
1 unreal unit is 1 cm.
1 blender unit is 1 cm.
1 Maya unit is 1 cm.
Default values.

>unit scale: 0.01
>1/100th of a meter, aka 1 centimetre
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What do you know, this thread is still alive - might as well post my next question here.
What's the best way to animate his coat tails, so it resembles something like this?
Baked sim, rigged, or should I just simulate cloth in unreal?
Chaotic good. :)
It must be awesome having so much of daddies money to blow on specialised programs that only really benefit if they can pay for themselves in output.
Why do people like this >>651790 assume that a freelancer cannot make enough to cover license expenses?
File: 1542692004210.png (196 KB, 398x384)
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196 KB PNG

I never paid a dime for Maya.

Just pirate it you mong
This. Maya, 3ds, Blender, Houdini..., pretty much all of them you can pirate easily.
Do you use it to make money?
>pirating blender
>pirating Houdini
I hope you burn in hell you sinner
>>pirating blender
Well, do you really think all those donut makers are paying for their software?

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