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How hard is it to make simple low poly models like those in pic related? And then texture and rig them?

I'm a skilled 2d artist and gamedev, looking to make the jump into 3d development. Like a typical autist though I don't want to depend on anyone else, and thus want to make my own models, textures and animations. I have basic knowledge of blender, and I know how to animate models in unity (however they have to be rigged of course)

How hard to learn is this? Is it a worthwhile endeavour? Can you link me to any material, ideally also covering the exporting, saving and importing into unity process?

>pic related

I want to make a game that plays kinda like pokemon but with sexy monster girls. Probably been done a million times, I don't care so much. I love creating stuff and I want to make my own.
>How hard is it to make simple low poly models like those in pic related?
It really all depends on how well you know your anatomy. Do you want to go for realistic anatomy or the stylized anatomy in your post pic? If you're going for stylized, you're going to have to figure out how to translate your 2D style (or which ever style you're aiming for) into 3D. Generally speaking, this is easier said than done. If, however, you're going for realistic proportions, there are boat loads of three-view orthographic projections of the human figure in all its shapes and sizes, which makes modelling it with low poly a breeze.

If you're going as low poly as pic related, you can probably forego sculpting entirely and just box model them.

>And then texture and rig them?
Depends on the resolution of the texture, and your ability to UV unwrap. Rigging low poly stuff is generally not terribly difficult.

>How hard to learn is this?
If your knowledge of anatomy is good, that's 1/4 to 1/3 of the battle. The rest is just as hard, generally speaking.

>Is it a worthwhile endeavour?
That all depends on how you feel about 3D after doing it for a month or two. In my opinion, yes, though sexy monster girls aren't quite my thing. Start with Blender. It's free. Even if you hate 3D you'll have absolutely nothing invested in it monetarily. If you love it, you can always "upgrade" if you want. Don't let people try to tell you which software is best. It all depends on what you're looking for in the software.

>I want to make a game that plays kinda like pokemon but with sexy monster girls.
Make a 2D prototype first. Heck, you can probably just make a prototype with python script that runs in a terminal. Play around with it and see if the concept even warrants learning 3D.

>How hard to learn is this?
Not at all. Something that basic's pretty easy to learn. Give it a month and you'll be proficient at it. Look up some basic character tutorials on Youtube if you need some guidance in rigging and all that.
>Is it a worthwhile endeavour?
I can't tell you that. Is this for yourself? Pull it off, and the personal satisfaction will be worthwhile. Are you planning on jumpstarting your Patreon scams? Do it good, you'll stand to earn quite a bit.
Can't help you with the Unity stuff though, don't work with that.
Also, unironic protip: just sculpt your characters. Retopologise them after the fact to make them look low-poly. One of the biggest issues with this whole low-poly meme nowadays is that people can't manage shape and topology at the same time, so the topology always looks like fuckin' ass. Seriously, it's gonna save you a ton of trouble in getting your topology looking right.
Checked those sweet quads. Imagine the day /3/ hits a million posts. Wonder if that'll ever come.

Anyway, same anon as >>650001 here, just giving my thoughts on that other anon's post.
Yes, definitely have a good grasp on anatomy if you're going to make some good ol' monmusu. Though, since you said you're a 2D artist, you shouldn't have too much trouble with that.
Missed that out in my post. That's going to be a pain in the ass to work out, depending on what kind of limitations you set for yourself. UV unwrapping is hell itself, especially if you're trying to go for that pixel art look. Once you get past that though, it should be pretty smooth sailing onward.
Projection paint your textures too. I wouldn't necessarily recommend Blender for texturing work, but for simple handpainted styles it works really well.

I don't think the 2D prototype is really necessary, maybe as a proof of concept. You should be able to jump into making the 3D version without much issues.
if youre actually skilled in 2d you should have no problem making low poly 3d. With those skills you can see whats wrong with your own model, and you can't fix the model unless you have the artistic eye to supervise yourself.
>go to models-resource
>search pokemon game
>download a few models of game
>Study their models
There you go.

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