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Hey, /3/, I was thinking maybe we could actually make this board great again. Materialize is a free program that takes 2d images and deduces all the heights, normals, amb occs and what have yous. I'm here to offer a solution to anyone with trouble making materials for their 3. The materials will be stored in a google docs for all to access. All you gotta do is post photos of surfaces and I'll start making them into materials. I'm very new to the program, but I think with some determination, we really can pull something good out of it.
Could you post an example or two?
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here're some videos from the site:



I downloaded this. Fucking tired of making materials in photoshop/gimp. This could be a great alt to crazybump and we’ll see next time I have so do some custom.
It's better than crazy bump. You have more control over stuff, plus it has more features. You can tile textures in, make smoothness maps, and have more control over the lighting. As of the release of Materialize, crazy bump is for plebs.
Free software thread.
What does /3/ think of https://store.steampowered.com/app/768970/ModLab/
Tried it, makes some nice results if you finetune it.
But im currently having a problem using them in Unity.

Unity wants the smoothness map as an alpha channel within the diffuse or the metalic map, but Materialize exports it as a b&w map on its own.
Dose somebody know how i could put the smoothness map as an alpha channel in the diffuse or metalic map?

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