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My local 2 year community college has a whopping one 3d class and it's just basic design concepts. Not even 3d modeling but sculptures and things. Would it be a good idea to go for that and then go to a better 4 year school with a focus on 3d? Surely the art experience would help.
school's a meme. There ain't nothin those d-bags teach that you can't learn in the archives of the interwebs. The only thing you'll get as school is chapter summaries and some hands on training.
If you’re actually really fucking serious and still determined after practicing in that one class and on your own, I’d go to one of the bigger 4 year design schools. However, they’re expensive and game design is an oversaturated major right now so consider that as well.

Big school are expensive but the professors have better pedigrees than unspecislized community colleges, and more employers are watching but only for the best students. In a big oversaturated major it can be harder to stand out, and employment and graduation can be dicey if you’re not actually super dedicated.

I made the jump to 4 year design school for my (nonvidya) major and was hired before graduation, but my specific field only had two graduates from that school that year so chances were super good. The school’s game design major has hundreds of graduates every year so competition is much more rough.
I know it's a meme, but my parents don't. And I need them to survive right now.
The truth is that computer graphics is piss easy and fun, if you truly have an interest in it. If you just want to do it to impress your "friends" on Facebook, you'll just be yet another gay ass "character artist" with delusions of designing the next Marvel superhero. Or one of the idea guys who think they're gonna become the next Gabe Newell by shitting out their "ideas".
Those people don't exist. Never did, never will.
I too believed people weren't that retarded, but they are.
I learned it when doing 3dcg helped me crawl out of years of depression and childhood abuse and utterly swept the fucking floor by doing one simple thing: work my ass off.
That's when I learned talent doesn't exist, only genuine passion.
People just don't work and pigeon hole themselves in oversaturated disciplines because the others require too much effort. Or because they broke up with their fake girlfriend and now they're "depressed". It's that simple.
>The truth is that computer graphics is piss easy and fun

uhhhh...this must be pasta
I thought so too.

Ether way the flunk out/drop rate for game design majors is ridiculously high and even then there’s kagillions of graduates. Tons of people leave when they realise they like playing games but not making them, or they have their heads wedged entirely up their own asses and can’t handle cooperation or dealing with other peoples’ (ie, their teammates’ for group project classes) ideas. Don’t spend your or your parents’ money figuring out you just want to play games and can’t work as a team.
Get a Job and learn on your own. There is no school that can teach you all you need to know. Technology and methods keep changing. You have to learn on your own.

Get a Job, move out, and practice. think 40h at work, 30h learning 3D, the rest is cooking, sleeping, friends, family and life. I know your generation got a fucking shitty upbringing bro. But you can`t declare bankruptcy on student loans, the debt is with you for life. Better to stuff there money into a high interest saving account.

The days of just let the public school and then college to land you a good job is gone. Been gone for over years now unless you take STEM.

Good luck
talent is the ability to easily work ones ass off without perceiving it as work but "fun". Often goes along with passion.
Talent is having an adeptness for whatever it is you are talented in, which makes you progress quicker and farther. What you describe is passion.

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