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After 5 years in a company I am unemployed now. My job wasnt related to 3d but lately I picked it and have been learning - can do basic hard surface modeling and texturing. cant model characters or animate but I am planning to watch some tutorials on that. Advise me, kind anons, where should I search for jobs or tasks on my level? I dont need a big salary now, since I have some savings, just something as a start. I am even ready to work for free the first month or two just to get in the industry and get some experience. So where should I look for - freelance, full time, everything suits me.
freelance is hard to do with no profolio or contacts. your best bet is to get a job helping artists out with thinks that take a long time / are annoying to do, but with the idea of sticking to the field you are working in.
you might not have an idea now but it would be helpful if you would decided what it is you most like about 3D and what industry you want to walk in given the opportunity.
well.. i think that realistically you need at least 3 years of none-stop grind to become somewhat decent at 3D (for the level for games and movies today).
if you are intrested in industrial design, i suggest you learn solidworks,cad etc. and maybe learn it formally
>freelance is hard to do with no profolio or contacts

yes, having contacts in any field helps a lot, no doubt. I guess I will have to stick to my boring job in a new company and start making a portfolio. Can you give me an example what a decent portfolio is for CGI? How many projects it should consist of etc.

I also thought of doing an account on some website like turbosquid and try to see if there is some interest in my models. Is this a good idea for a non professionalist like me?

I was thinking of using my savings to take some 3d classes or courses and get some official paper at least. Im sure employers dont give a shit about a paper but look at your portfolio first, but I guess the experience and the contacts I might receive is going to be worth it. Would you recommend CGI courses in my situation? Online or real universities?
>I was thinking of using my savings to take some 3d classes or courses and get some official paper at least
Here is a genuine, honest answer as to what you should do:
1) Pirate the Gnomon DVD series for Maya (CGPeers, CGPersia, torrent sites, whatever)
2) Complete all the DVDs, they are pretty much identical to what is taught
3) If you manage to actually complete them all, you'll know you're dedicated enough and you'll have a portfolio at that point
4) Attend Gnomon or Full Sail or MAYBE Gobelins if you speak french

Anything other than Gnomon or Full Sail is a waste. If you "just want some classes" you can get the same quality from the DVDs; if you can't handle doing the DVDs you won't be able to handle doing an actual class or classes (unless the class is dogshit simple which, again, is a waste).
You go to Gnomon because they have a reputation as a top school, they have great artists there, and most of all they have connections.
Your entire "job" or "mission" while you're at Gnomon is not so much to get better at being an artist but rather to meet as many people as you can so you can get a job.
Also, for as important as skill or talent might be when it comes to a job, having a good reputation for being a human being people can tolerate is even more important (or to put it another way: if you're an asshole no one will want to hire you even if you're the best artist there ever was)
thanks dude, thats by far the best reply I have received on the internet, honestly. I even saved your 4 points on my desktop as a to do list. I have started doing Simply Maya tutorials for landscape and interriors but if Gnomon is really as good as you say I will try them and definitely attend there.

I always try to follow the tutorials but not copy-paste all clicks but just learn the techniques and add my tweak to the creation, my mindset just stops me from doing a portfolio out of what others already made a lesson out of.

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