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After a while in stagnation, I've decided to jump back into education as a pathway to games dev (Previous courses being in 3D and media, yeeww!). Unfortunately, it seems like my country's standards for tertiary education are slipping - and anyway, I would love an excuse to live overseas. This means I'll probably be going abroad!

I was wondering if anybody here has info on this topic that might help me out. Being seriously passionate about the medium as an art form, I’m trying to find institutions, cities, or organisations that provide a high-quality education; not just an obligatory course to net the local high-schoolers. Any online institutions or dedicated universities are especially great.
Really, anything from opinion pieces to external resources would be awesome.

tldr: What are the best places in the world to study Games Dev/Design right now?
If you need a forum for this kind of thing, those people at gamedev.net might be of help to you.
that place sucks -_-. If you want to learn about gamedev you want to get a book on making games for the raspberry pi called The Fundamentals of C/C++ Game Programming on Single Board Computers which is written by someone with 35 years industry experience and was released this year

I should've mentioned, I'd like to avoid relying on self-education and tech communities. Great learning tools; but, for my situation, I'd prefer them as supplements.
Thanks, though. I'll keep these links for for later.

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