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I got a job to uv map and texture some hair, i agreed to do it since i need the money but i'm not sure of how to go about uv mapping something like this. i got two weeks to figure it out, anyone have any tips of tutorial suggestions i can check out?
Wow uhh, well if you have Z brush you can look if it can create UV maps automatically? If not then maybe try spherical mapping on the whole object? If that doesn't work the last resort would be to planar map each strand individually... might take an hour or two, but that would surely work at least.
You been had, anon.
Guy either stole the mesh from somewhere and want to remap it so no one finds out, or didn´t pay the original artist who made the mesh and threw it on your lap - assuming you´re not trolling.
When creating those damn bangs, i myself use spline lofts with mapping - meaning, i already have UVW turned on.
You could open it in Zbrush, do a quick UVMaster and paint it right there and them, that would take a few minutes, but if your 'boss' want something dumb or specific (every bang needs to fit a specific 256x256 textre map or something) then God is angry at you and you´ll have to make three copies of the whole mesh: the original, a 'cut' version where the front sides are separated (but not moved) and a copy of this one all stretched out by hand to fit the given specifications, vertex by vertex. After applying a flat uvw to the stretched version, add a morph deformer and morph it to the cut shaped version and voilá. This is how i mapped my old models years ago - i stopped doing it when i learned Zbrush.
In blendy blend. You're able to bake Hair particles to textures. I recommend just coming up with some generalized hair textures that you can sort of map over each hair strand.

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